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Level 17 : Journeyman Architect

Server Info : RID 2611589

MainWing Network
Status: Offline Pinged: 12/26/14
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.7.2
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Hello Minecraft players! This is a new and upcoming server network. It currently has 10-25 players online at most times of the day. Currently, there is a skyblock and cityscape section to the server, but there are plans to add new server types to this network. IP: mainwing.com

This server is the basic and simple game type that many people know and love. The player starts on an island with limited resources and is challenged to turn their little island into the paradise that is wished to be built. There is also an economy involving chestshop, so there is a competitive battle to see who may have the top balance and have the title of richest player on the server.

This server is like a prison server, except the basic incentive for mining is not to escape from prison. It is to get money and move your way up through society. When you start on the server, you have almost nothing. By gathering resources in the mines and selling them at nearby shops, you are able to get money to rent houses and rank up to access houses in new worlds. You can also purchase pets, which adds to a friendly living environment.

Because the server is consistently getting more people online, it is difficult to deal with all of the rule-breakers who join the server during the course of the day. I cannot possibly be on the server at all times, so I am in need of other staff members who can help me out. I will list the needed positions below.

Skyblock ChatMod:
I periodically hold competitions involving those who are interested in becoming a chatmod for the skyblock server. Many people enter this competition, but only one comes out victorious with the position. I am the judge of the competition and I will eliminate competitors one by one until there is only one person remaining. There are certain ways to assure victory in this competition: advertise, play, help, and stay out of trouble. By advertising the server by telling your friends to join, it helps the server be spread to other people. By playing on the server, it shows your commitment to the server. This is important because I find it crucial to pick someone for the position who is not just playing on the server in the hopes of getting a staff position. By helping other players, it shows that you are knowledgeable about the server mechanics. Finally, by staying out of trouble, I will know that you won't set a bad example as a staff member. To join one of these competitions, add me on skype: themattvid.

Cityscape Staff:
In the tutorial room of cityscape, there is a place where you can purchase a book and quill for a cheap price and write out an application. Simply drop it into the specified hopper, and the owner skyblazer252 will get around to reading it when he gets a chance.

I have many plans to add new servers to the network, while at the same time, changing aspects about the existing ones to make them even better. Even though I have plugins being developed right now by some other friends, these people do not provide the long term option that I am looking for. I have a server called Break being developed which is basically a contest to see who can break the most blocks in an arena as well as a spawner plugin which enables people to donate for specific spawner types without the need for a staff member to manually change the spawner type. These are just a couple of the many plugins that I might need developed. I am looking for someone experienced, trustworthy, and reliable for this job. I would like a plugin developer with good morals and ethics who I could trust with my life. I also would like this developer to sort of act as a partner for the server so that any plugin repairs or maintenance can be done readily. For this reason, I am only looking for my plugins to be developed by a person who is not currently partnered with any other servers or people. I may need to get to know you before I entrust you with my plugin developing, so please add me on my skype, which is themattvid.

Additional Notes

Network containing servers like Skyblock and Cityscape
Credit:themattvid, leftoverjim555

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  • brendangrill
  • Level 9
  • Apprentice Warrior
  • July 29, 2014, 9:52 am
I Dont Think They will bring this server back up due to the new Shitty Mojang EULA, FUCK YOU MOJANG!!!!
why is mainwing offline i love this server :(

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