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NerdOrbit.com - A Hexxit Server

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Level 16 : Journeyman Dragon

Server Info : RID 2225984

NerdOrbit.com - A Hexxit Server
Status: Offline Pinged: 10/13/14
United States
Game Version:Minecraft 1.5.2
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A Hexxit PvP survival server

You must have the Technic launcher

Server Info: hex.NerdOrbit.com

PVP - We know players sometimes get that itch to go on the occasional axe wielding murder spree and we allow you to make the decision to indulge or not, just be prepared when the population rises against you.

Defender or Outlaw? - Do you prefer to roam the world as an outlaw challenging players and indulging in pvp, or do you prefer to band together with your friends for the greater good to defend your land, friends, and server? We have a set of sculpted pvp rules that allow players to defend themselves and settle their differences with minimal staff interference.

Anti Grief - We use top of the line anti griefer and hacker counter measures and in addition to staff, we also provide a range to tools for our members to use to help protect the server and their investments.

Server Events - To spice things up, staff will conduct server events and challenges for the enjoyment of its members. These events can range from Boss fights and base defense to build contests. These events can include a range of prizes and rewards so be prepared for fierce competition.

How to become a Member:

1. Head on over to our website: www.NerdOrbit.com

2. Register on our site.

3. DL the Technic Launcher client here.

4. Launch Hexxit pack and log in.

5. Have fun!

Additional Notes

o NerdOrbit.com o A Hexxit Minecraft Server -[Survival] [24/7] [Grief Prevention] [Teamspeak] [PvP] [Hexxit]

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I can't connect! I hove registered and everything but t just says "Can't Reach Server"

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