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PhoenixAnarchy.com - 1.18 Anarchy Server - [Anarchy] [PvP] [Crystal PvP] [Survival] [Vanilla] [No Rules] [No Resets] [No Bans]

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PhoenixAnarchy.com - 1.18 Anarchy Server - [Anarchy] [PvP] [Crystal PvP]  [Survival] [Vanilla] [No Rules] [No Resets] [No Bans]
Status Online! Pinged: 01/22/22
Game VersionMinecraft Java PhoenixAnarchy 1.18.1
PhoenixAnarchy 1.18.1 by Dumbledore
> Now with .01 one more Minecraft!
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Welcome to Phoenix Anarchy !
Visit our Website: https://phoenixanarchy.com
Join our Discord: https://phoenixanarchy.com/discord
Visit our Wiki: https://phoenixanarchy.miraheze.org/wiki/Main_Page
Visit our Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/PhoenixAnarchy/
Our IP: phoenixanarchy.com

PhoenixAnarchy is a 1.18 Anarchy Server like 2b2t. It is currently the largest and fastest growing 1.18 Anarchy server. PhoenixAnarchy hosts the community of NetherAnarchy since the shutdown of the 1.16 Anarchy Server.

1.18 Minecraft "Anarchy Servers" are servers that usually have no rules, no bans, no map resets, and traditionally allow the use of hacks/exploits and "hacked clients". The most famous of these servers is 2b2t.org, which runs on Minecraft 1.12 and is, as some claim, the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft (most notably YouTuber FitMC, Youtuber SalC1 and Youtuber fastvincent1). The server rose to more main-stream popularity after June of 2016 when a YouTuber by the name of TheCampingRusher streamed himself as he played on the server.

TheCampingRusher's video sparked a new wave of joins to the already years-old server. This ignited a war referred to as the "Rusher War", between new-join viewers of TheCampingRusher's videos, and the existing player base of the server. This rise in demand for Anarchy Minecraft Servers encouraged many to create their own "2b2t clones", or servers that attempt to emulate the gameplay experience of 2b2t to varying degrees. For 1.18 Anarchy, the most recommended anarchy server is phoenixanarchy.com, a 1.18 anarchy server started in July 2021. In the past 7 months, Phoenix Anarchy has grown past +15,000 unique joiners on server, +1,000 discord players and +40 average player population on server.

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PhoenixAnarchy - 7 months and 1.18 !! : by HeadmasterAlbus 01/14/2022 4:26:54 pmJan 14th

Hi everyone,

We're glad you've been so active on the server, our player counts are looking good - currently, over +15,000 people have joined PhoenixAnarchy in 7 months and our server discord is past +1,000 players ! Our average player population is around 40 players.

PhoenixAnarchy will update to 1.18 next week!! Get ready to hop in the only 1.18 java minecraft pure anarchy server!!

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