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MontSombre Castle - Event Outpost on PhoenixAnarchy.com (1.19 Anarchy Server) - Fraternity, Donfuer, Imperials

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Level 39 : Artisan Dragon
MontSombre Castle - Event Outpost on PhoenixAnarchy.com (1.19 Anarchy Server) - Fraternity, Donfuer, Imperials

MontSombre is a castle and event outpost founded in August 2021 by Giea, Ravioliamy and Radial on PhoenixAnarchy.com. During the month of December 2021, the Fraternity, Donfuer and Imperials, three major player groups of PhoenixAnarchy.com, assembled at MontSombre to build an event outpost, gathering 31 anarchy players and their contributions. MontSombre's location was leaked in January 2022 by a Fraternity insider.

Watch more content on the foundation of MontSombre Castle here. Watch MontSombre chess event here. The event outpost is constituted of a number of builds:
  • Montsombre Castle - a magnificent deepslate, basalt, copper and prismarine castle built by Giea and Radial
  • MontSombre Mansion - the original shelter house from MontSombre foundation days
  • The underground Casino - a set of redstone Casino games specially designed by Hunt for the occasion (original redstone credits - Earl)
  • The Spa - a bathhouse built by CatCalledDog to host the map art collection of MontSombre and the water games
  • The Chessboard dragon tower - a dragon tower which held the minecraft chess competition on PhoenixAnarchy
  • Japanese Shrine and Village
  • Japanese Temple
  • Christmas Tree
  • Fraternity founder statue
  • Tabbo's Mansion
  • The Barn
  • A lot of secret little builds left to discover, both on PhoenixAnarchy Server and within the Schematic
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Credits : An original idea from Giea, Ravioliamy and Radial. Video Credits: Radial and CatCalledDog. Redstone Casino and Chessboard, credits Earl and Hunt

Founders of MontSombre:
  • Radial
  • Giea
  • Ravioliamy
Builders & Participants:
  • Gato
  • Yutami
  • Creeper0
  • Jauhule4202
  • Dr Despacito
  • ILov3F
  • Fzed (Donfuer)
  • DirectorJohnson (Donfuer)
  • MusicMaestro (Donfuer)
  • obj (Donfuer)
  • Whygoodboyg (Donfuer)
  • Cynical (Donfuer)
  • funy cat (Donfuer)
  • Cristiioan (Imperials)
  • L0K1
  • CatCalledDog (Fraternity)
  • Hunt (Fraternity)
  • Tabbo (Fraternity)
  • Arys (Fraternity)
  • Sarduras (Fraternity)
  • Alekath (Fraternity)
  • PhD (Fraternity)
  • Lotion (Fraternity)
  • Suko (Fraternity)
  • RustyVeteran (Fraternity)
  • Number81 (Fraternity)
  • francyfranky (Fraternity)
  • Melsidious (Fraternity)

CreditGiea, Radial, CatCalledDog, Hunt
Progress70% complete

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