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[ Punkcraft | Survival | REBORN ] (W.I.P.)

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avatar Punkred
Level 67 : High Grandmaster Alien
[ Punkcraft | Survival | REBORN ] (W.I.P.)
Status Offline Pinged: 01/14/19
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12
Connect With
Server IP: [size=120%]hub.punkcraft.org (soon)[/size]
Server Website: [size=120%]http://www.punkcraft.org (soon)[/size]


By joining you understand you are playing a server that is not complete and WILL have issues at some point down the line until fully developed. The owner will be busy building and installing/managing plugins but will still be attentive to helping you out. The server is by no means anywhere near full release so please be kind, itll be worth it :)

[size=120%]Punkcraft was a network of many servers
tailored towards players who dont buy into the whole minigames scene.
This isnt your typical server where donators get to abuse
without punishment or call for helps being ignored. We provide all the
tools needed to be completely self sufficient on our server aswell as
all the tools you need to bring together a small community in a town or
city for example.

The server is run by a loving couple who are always down to play Minecraft.
You can roleplay, build, explore, or whatever you could possibly think
of. The server has a variety of players and caring staff. If you need
help the owner will personally assist you and is more than willing to
lend you a hand. Don't wait any longer. The server you've always wanted
is right here waiting for you to enjoy![/size]

[size=150%]Survival Server:[/size]
[size=120%]We take pride in our Survival server. It
has and always will be the staple of our community. When you first join
you are given the option to join a more harsh survival
environment(Hardcore) or a more friendly environment(Softcore). The
differences are mainly that in Hardcore you are allowed to grief
unclaimed land, pvp and siege other players. You will also lose items on
death and there is no health regen whatsoever. However in Softcore, you
are not allowed to grief AT ALL, there is no pvp, items are not lost on
death, and there is health regen.

After choosing your prefer style of play
you can either build to your hearts content while socializing with the
other players or go on an adventure and complete quests while killing
bosses. We provide several other features in survival such as player
owned shops in the market world, pets, ability to silk touch spawners,
acquiring mob eggs with chicken eggs, aswell as training your skills
and leveling up. Survival is by far the most popular on the network and
youll soon experience why when you join us.[/size]

[size=150%]Screenshots (OLD):[/size]
Click to reveal

[size=150%]Notable Plugins:[/size]
[size=120%]Grief Prevention
Silk Spawners
Sign Shops
Core Protect
Quests (soon)
Citizens (soon)
Bosses (soon)
Mob Catcher (soon)[/size]

[size=120%]Penguino | Owner[/size]

10 Update Logs

Update #10 : 06/11/2013 10:33:28 pmJun 11th, 2013

- Survival games was added aswell as several upon several updates
- I have returned to keep this change log going for the ones interested.

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09/17/2016 10:01 am
Level 2 : Apprentice Network
Jungle Cat
The server is Shutdown. there was not alot of money left to keep it open so Peng Shut it down.

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