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Roleplay Hub - SchoolRP | Roleplay Maker | FantasyRP

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Roleplay Hub - SchoolRP | Roleplay Maker | FantasyRP
Status Online! Pinged: 02/25/21
United Kingdom
Game VersionMinecraft Java Waterfall 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.x, 1.13.x, 1.14.x, 1.15.x, 1.16.x
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Roleplay Hub - SchoolRP | Roleplay Maker | FantasyRP Minecraft Server

Looking for a roleplaying community that caters to both veteran roleplayers and new roleplayers?

Then Roleplay Hub is the server for you! We have two main roleplays with one centering around a secondary school in Japan and one centering around the fictional fantasy world of "Enarion." Not only will you have a unique roleplay experience with us, you’ll get to see all of our amazing models and plugins!

We're a smart-minded & determined roleplay community here on Minecraft to provide the best experience possible for all of our players across all of our genres. We also provide support for platforms such as minecraft bedrock & java edition, allowing for to you play wherever.

We'd be honoured to provide you with an experience to remember!
Roleplay Hub - SchoolRP | Roleplay Maker | FantasyRP Minecraft Server

Roleplay Hub - SchoolRP | Roleplay Maker | FantasyRP Minecraft Server

"Welcome to Karakura High. Where the cheerleaders are mean, jocks are stubborn and everything gets about as stereotypical as it gets.. But something here's unique, you.

Through what you do & the friends you make & the paths you go down - You affect not only your story but the story of 300 other active players in the world around you.

Karakura City holds far more than meets the eye, hopefully you get a chance to discover it."

  • An ageing system to progress through the grades!
  • Several roles to choose from once you graduate (news reporter, police officer, teacher, etc.)!
  • Several clubs and sports teams to join that are run by our players!
  • Purchasable (and working) vehicles and custom models!
  • Purchasable homes, penthouses & apartments!
  • Working phones & attributes system to monitor your speed, stamina & lung capacity!
  • And much, much more..


Welcome to Enarion - a rich continent filled with intrigue, compelling stories, and sprawling Kingdoms. Seek your trade as a wandering merchant, ancient wizard, or a skilled swordsman.

Forge your own destiny in a dense continent built in an immersive setting and influence the path of Kingdoms... or the continent as a whole.

  • A comprehensive character-management plugin that seamlessly integrates multiple roleplay characters onto one account.
  • A richly detailed professions system packed with level progression, custom crafting, and unique items.
  • An innovative nation management and land-claiming plugin incorporated with Discord & Website integration as well as over a dozen other features.
  • A custom-built continent spanning over 2500 x 2500 blocks in size populated with detailed towns, ruins, and dungeons to explore.
  • The ability to forge alliances or declare wars against other nations - supported by a war system that implements large scale battles where players can utilise an array of authentic siege weaponry in real time.
  • Over 40,000 lines of custom-code to supplement many unique features and systems to enhance the roleplay experience.

"A world created only by the lengths of your imagination. We've taken note of the huge amount of you who have extraordinary ideas for roleplays, however - We've also taken note of the lack of resources a lot of you have to get things like this done.

That's where we come in. Roleplay Maker allows for everyone, even the newest players to Minecraft to create their own roleplays. All from custom builds, roles, resource packs to even employing & managing your own mini-staff teams & enforcing personalised rules.

Creative Plots & Housing Roleplay is a thing of the past, take a step & visit the future with us to where it's never been easier to get your idea out there & done."

  • A custom resource pack feature, allowing for players to fully customise the feel, appearance & sound of their Roleplay.
  • MAXIMUM 400x400 sized Roleplay Servers, providing you with as much space as you could possibly need to express not only yourself but your unique ideas!
  • A personal staff team feature, select & place trusted players into a position of authority amongst your custom made Roleplay Servers, allowing for them to then manage your players & ensure no role breakers enter your roleplay!
  • WORLD EDIT & VOXEL allowing for ultimate & efficient terrain & build enhancement to make your roleplay look the best it possible can be.
  • CUSTOM HEADS & BANNERS to give you the extra edge when it comes to building, go all the way down to the minuscule details of your builds with heads or show off with your own representing banner!



1 Update Logs

ROLEPLAY HUB - CROSS PLATFORM COMPATIBLE : 06/02/2020 6:50:50 pmJun 2nd, 2020

- Roleplay Hub has now successfully expanded to various platforms. This includes mobiles, computers & consoles & overall the versions Java & Bedrock (PE) of Minecraft. We are fully aware that some minor things may not work as expected due to these two versions of Minecraft being so foreign to each other, however are working actively to get these things fixed & compatible for all!

- You are able to connect using the same IP mc.roleplayhub.net OR pe.roleplayhub.net & the default port for Bedrock / PE servers which is 19132.

For more information on exactly how to join with step by step tutorials feel free to visit our website or click on the link below:
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