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Skytopia: Custom Skyblock

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avatar ilavayou
Level 9 : Apprentice Engineer
Skytopia: Custom Skyblock
Status Offline Pinged: 04/14/18
United States
Game VersionMinecraft 1.12.2
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Redefining what a Skyblock can be.

Hey there, we're an American-hosted, Australian-operated Skyblock looking for
some love from players wanting challenging fun beyond comprehension! Do you
find that Skyblock is too easy or boring? Give us a go before you click away again.

Run by the best people on the Planet.


We're a dream team from both sides of the world! Here not to watch over you, but rather to
have fun with you! Enjoy your experience with some of the most lovable, most approachable
players you can find on this side of the Internet!

What do you have?

A rich, challenging Skyblock experience you will not find anywhere else! Our plugins have
been carefully tailored over a long amount of time to fit our own expectations for Skyblock.
We would rather not spoil your experience but for the sake of advertisement, here's a synopsis!

Integrated Skills And Levelling!

We include a closely tied Skill system similar to McMMO, but more targeted in regards
to what activities you will perform on your island. Skills can have multiple exp bars, which
all grant their own passive effects and perks when levelled up. Levelling up skills is one
of the many ways you can increase your island level, which overall increases your ability
to perform various actions on your island, such as generating ores from cobblestone gens!

The Power Of Friendship!

Our Skyblock system rewards players for visiting each other and helping each other out.
Similar to FarmVille, you are able to harvest crops for players which in return rewards you
with what you have harvested! The crop is automatically replanted, and the owner of the
island also gets whatever you harvested. It's not just limited to crops either, but you'll have
to discover these little other tidbits on your own adventure. :)

Fun To Split Your Sides!

Host a wide array of custom-created Minigames right within your Island borders!
Invite your neighbors! Invite everyone! Anyone can play, and you all play together.
Do well in a Minigame, and you may earn a medal! What kind of Minigames do we
have? Well here's a few of our favorites!

Airshow: Fly around your Island with Elytra through rings- fly through as many
as possible before the time runs out! Minigolf: Play through a 9-course Minigolf game
with your friends! Minesweeper: Challenge your mind and try to solve a 64-square
minesweeper board without revealing a bomb! And last but not least, Mr Cloud Says!
Follow what Mr. Cloud says, or you're out!

Those are just a few of the Minigames you can host with your Island members as
well as anyone else who happens to wander into your island! Give them all a go.

Challenge Beyond Comprehension!

Are you sick of the generic, boring, predictable ASkyblock challenges literally all servers
offer? Try out specially tailored, ten-page chronology! Most of the challenges in our little
story make you do things that can take you a while or no time at all, depending on how you
go about your adventure. Completing these challenges unlocks you not only items, but a
multitude of different things! More challenges! Gadgets! Money! Passive effects! Trails!
Skills to enhance your combat! The possibilities are endless! All just a connection away..


We offer a wide selection of challenge-unlocked gadgets that will increase the fun
in your adventure as you progress! Don't like uncommon the ore generates? Boom,
try an Ore'Splosion or two! Don't like how far away your other island is? Unlock the
Ender Arrow and get flying! Can't be bothered aiming your bow? Try a Homing Arrow!
We have countless amounts of gadgets waiting to be unlocked by you!

And Everything Else!

Are you enticed yet? Yes? Good! No? Well, I can only cover so much in a post like
this, so you'll just need to come on and give it a try if you're not totally turned away!
Our website is completely custom-coded, along with our other PvP server! We strive
to provide a different experience to what the regular player would expect. We've done
our part providing it, now it's up to you, the player, to enjoy it with us all!

Hope to see you on soon!
- Skytopia


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