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SnowfoxMC! 1.19 | PvE SMP | Custom Features + Custom Coded!

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SnowfoxMC! 1.19 | PvE SMP | Custom Features + Custom Coded!
Status Online! Pinged: 08/13/22
United States
Game VersionMinecraft Java Purpur 1.19.2
                Survival, Reimagined! | 1.19
Connect With
SERVER IP: play.snowfoxmc.net
DYNMAP: map.snowfoxmc.net
WIKI + DOCUMENTATION: wiki.snowfoxmc.net

Welcome to SnowfoxMC - an extremely custom, no-resets PvE Survival server loaded with custom items, QoL and gameplay features, custom-coded from the ground up! (Yes, foxes are tameable!) What's unique about us? With the exception of some basic ones (like WorldEdit, LuckPerms, etc), you won't find our plugins anywhere else - they're custom-made for this server! How? Well, the server is run by two software engineers (one of whom is also an artist)! We write our own plugins, so you can be sure of steady flow of creative gameplay updates!

Our goal is to offer the ultimate Survival Minecraft experience by building upon the base game, while keeping an eye on aesthetics and accessibility. With extensive documentation both in-game (via interactive help menus and the /whatis command) and out-of-game (via our detailed Wiki), information is always at your fingertips!

And no, we're NOT modded! You do NOT need mods to play!

Just a small taste of the many highlights we offer:

💼 KeepInventory is Enabled!
Losing your stuff on death sucks. So we made it so you can't anymore! Don't worry if you think this makes the game too easy - there's plenty of more (optional!) challenging pieces of content that you'll be glad this gamerule is on for ;)

💎 Custom items galore!
From custom fish, to custom food, to custom crops, to QoL additions and fun items!

⚔️ Mob Arena... Reimagined!
Our server's premier (and only) minigame, play Mob Arena like you've never seen it before - choose from one of 7 Classes and pick a loadout of 5 unique, upgrade-able Abilities out of a pool of over 100 to battle against hoards of mobs and bosses that get faster, stronger, and healthier as time goes on! In our version, the UI looks much nicer, and you can get revived if you die!

🐾 Enhanced Pets!
Wolves, cats, and foxes will all fight for you when tamed (yes, foxes are tameable), are immortal when nametagged, spawn with unique traits, and can be trained up to level 100!

📊 Skills!
Custom skills, not McMMO or some McMMO reskin! Train up 10 unique skills, each with passive effects and unlocks!

🐉 Custom Ender Dragon Fight!
The "final boss" of Minecraft finally gets the fight it deserves! The fight has been reimagined and transformed into an epic, repeatable, instanced, MMO-style raid! There's even an "Ultimate" version, complete with shiny weapon rewards...

🗡️ Boss Fights!
Several bosses are available to be fought in instanced areas, and can drop Legendary loot...

Constant updates!
The server is run by two seasoned software engineers (one of whom's an artist too!) - we write our own plugins, so you can be sure of a consistent stream of creative updates, including plenty of player suggestions! Because basically all our plugins are custom, we also update very fast when new Minecraft versions are released, since we have very efficient workflows and there's no waiting for other plugin authors to update their plugins!

👍 Not P2W, and never will be!
The perks we offer for donations either give no competitive gameplay advantage, or apply to the entire server, thus fully complying with Mojang's EULA!

...and much, much more! If you haven't clicked any of the handy links yet (I told you we had good documentation!), check out our Wiki for a more complete list of features!

Hope to see you soon!

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