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teh3l3m3nts Minecraft Server
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Game VersionMinecraft Java
Welcome to teh3l3m3nts Minecraft Server
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Welcome! We are a very old and very long-running survival Java Minecraft server. We've been a community since ~2011, and while things are often quiet these days, we've made a pledge to maintain the community for free as long as people want to play. We are a Java server, but support Bedrock clients connecting through the GeyserMC Plugin.

We believe in preserving builds and worlds as best as we can, and as such, all of our old worlds are available on the server using the Multiverse Bukkit Plugin, and all map downloads are available on our website. The current map has been active since about 2018 and still has a lot of development needed; we have no plans to replace this world for upcoming updates and instead opt for enabling fast travel to newly generated chunks.

These days, the server is mostly populated by the family and kids of one of the owners however the veterans and other members pop in and out from time to time. We welcome new players, but this server may not be a fit for everyone. All new players are "Noob" class where the world is mostly view-only; once you speak to an owner/admin we can promote you so you can build and get started. If you like to veg out and work on big long-term projects this will be a great fit for you. One of the owners likes technical projects, and while they bring extra challenges on Spigot/Paper servers, we have farms for most renewable resources in the game and continue to advance what materials are readily accessible to us.

Official List of Rules

  1. Don't be a jerk!
  2. Just because you can doesn't mean you should
  3. No griefing or stealing, you will be restricted or banned
  4. Don't be a nag or you may be muted
  5. Don't enter or build near other people's houses without permission
  6. Don't build too close to spawn without talking to the group
  7. Have Fun!

Bonus Rule: We don't have an official "no swearing" rule, but kids do play, so just be aware of who is on and try to keep language age appropriate.

Server/Plugin Config

We are mostly vanilla-ish, and our plugins/mods help with gameplay, management, and enabling interfaces for vanilla features that are NOT accessible in-game (posing armor stands, player heads, etc)
  • Game Rules
    • Difficulty: Hard
    • Fire Tick: Off
    • Ender Griefing: Off (through GriefPrevention)
    • Player Sleep Percent: 1
  • Server Engine
    • We use Paper as our server engine, however we have been known to switch to Spigot from time to time depending on needs, though Spigot has much worse performance. Paper includes some "fixes" that actually modify features of the game in a way that is not admin-configurable, these things modify behavior of portals and redstone.
  • DataPacks
    • Our main datapack bundle comes from vanillatweaks and can be found here: https://vanillatweaks.net/share/#Iw37cC
      • More Mob Heads - Mobs have a chance to drop their head when killed, the head is a player head with a texture baked into the item.
      • Player Head Drops - Players will drop their heads when killed. The dropped head will have a tag showing who killed them. The block is a player head with a texture baked into the item, so texture will persist even if the player changes skins.
      • Wandering Trades - The wandering trader will now sell mini blocks which cost emeralds AND a full size version of the mini block. The blocks are player heads with textures baked into the item.
      • Armor Statues - Provides a unique book which allows the posing and modification of armor stands and item frames
      • Track Statistics - Tracks some interesting statistics
      • Track Raw Statistics - Adds 100+ things to a scoreboard which can rotate and show online players who has done what
      • Coordinates HUD - Shows the players XYZ coords and time of day above the hotbar
    • Stillagers - A custom DataPack made by surfrock66, this allows you to apply a nametag to Villagers titled "Stillager" which disables their AI which reduces lag in 1x1 spaces in trading halls. The still villagers will restock at 8:00 AM and 2:00 PM in game. This can be reversed by applying the nametag "Moveager." https://www.teh3l3m3nts.com/new-datapack-stillagers/
  • Bukkit/Spigot/Paper Plugins
    • EssentialsX - Suite of standard commands to do basic server management; enables things like /sethome and /spawn
    • LuckPerms - Manages groups and permissions
    • Vault - This isn't a plugin as much as it's an API used by other plugins to connect items/entities/locations to players
    • GriefPrevention - This plugin allows the protection of builds and areas, it also provides the admins some tools to catch and stop griefing.
    • Dynmap - Makes a cool website with a live view of the server in google-maps style
    • Dynmap Griefprevention - Enables an overlay to show GriefPrevention claims on Dynmap
    • Multiverse - This plugin allows us to load multiple worlds/maps. We use this to preserve old builds/maps.
    • GeyserMC - Allows Bedrock clients to connect to our Java server
    • nuVotifier - Connects votes with PlanetMinecraft
Creditsurfrock66, cncr04s, IMGArY, carian94, porjos

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