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♫♪♫♪♫♪ The Forest ♫♪♫♪♫♪

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♫♪♫♪♫♪ The Forest ♫♪♫♪♫♪
Status Online! Pinged: 04/12/21
Game VersionMinecraft Java Spigot 1.16.5
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The Forest,

       a cutesque historical village, in the present day it's run in a more modern manner with an economy waiting to boom, and with your riches you can go out and start an empire of your own and in the process become much stronger than you ever knew possible.
1.16.5 JAVA Survival / Amplified / Tinkers tools / Quests / Vein Miner / Jobs / Mcmmo / Essentials / Multiple Custom Dungeons & Mobs / Protected spawn plots / Economy / Shops / Npc's / Animal Crossing Nook Shop / Incendium (nether added features) / Extra crops & Items / Leveling Items & Skills Inclusive resource pack with bushy leaves and sakura trees with pink wood + our crimson wood is red, plus much more.

-It's a paid for server
-We have a small community.
-I've been working hard on this project since 2015 and poured a lot of effort into it (in a good & healthy way).

+What we are looking for - Mature members, Friendly, Skilled builders, People who interact with the systems in place.

+Rules are standard, no grief / stealing / bullying / toxic / passive aggressiveness / no heavy lagging machines.

+We have systems in place to restore / prevent / Suspend players who break the rules.

As of now it's in a complete & polished state and just needs people to play it (^u^)/

Most of all be regardful of other players and respect their space.

24/7 GMT+00 - 5:00am Resets daily.
CreditCookieFace Hellokikat Chiaro De Luna VariousWeapon Hothaifah

8 Update Logs

Update #8 : 03/18/2021 11:47:47 amMar 18th

New update for all the miners out there..

12 new Gems were added to the game, all can be obtained from ores & all of those ores were added to /warp Mine.

- Nether Gold Ore: 3 types of gems with differing rarities
- Redstone Ore: 3 types of gems with differing rarities
- Emerald Ore: 3 types of gems with differing rarities
- Diamond Ore: 3 types of gems with differing rarities (yes diamonds can be found in the mine now!)

"The Gems but what are they?" "How are they useful?"
The Gems are very valuable resources which can be exchanged at the /warp bank.
This means that if you find these gems you can exchange them for equivalent of diamonds / re exchange The Forest currency for diamonds.
Some of the rarest gems are worth 1 diamond block each!!

The bank has also been re-balanced too, your mining efforts will be better rewarded.

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03/09/2021 4:28 pm
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