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Dysthymic avatar Dysthymic
Level 32 : Artisan Modder
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United States
Game VersionMinecraft Java
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Zatholla Minecraft Server

Zatholla, a truely beautiful world rich of endless minerals, huge blooming trees, gigantic mountain riversides with the purest water flowing down. Zatholla seems to be a dream planet. However, by night fall, it becomes a nightmare filled with vicious beasts.

The Royal Guards(you) have arrived with a mission to conquer these beasts and move all civilization from Baenovia(your home planet) to this newly found planet. Baenovia has been aging with active civilization for millions of years, their home planet is now scarce of resources and nearly impossible to continue to survive.

The Royal Guards consist of the 6 most powerful races of Baenovia, however, some of them do not get along very well. In their venture to Zatholla, a planet with no laws or supervisors in place, things get messy between the Royal Guards. Sent to work fully as a team to conquer the planet, these once Royal Guards have now split up and started Factions to conquer the planet for their own kind, and only for their own kind...
The fate of the Baenovians are in your hands.

OP Faction- Factions with upgradable enchantments to create your ultimate over powered gear!
Heroes- With nearly 40 different race and class combinations, each with their own skills and health. You can choose your own path of destruction!
Bosses- Destructive mobs to team up against with friends, these foes can be looted for the priceless gear of your dreams.
Dungeons- A unique way to level up and gather resources, scour the dungeons below for resources and conquer the toughest of mobs.
Blocks Health- A custom skipt designed to give Obsidian and other blocks health points before they are destroyed by TNT!
Cannons- Blow up bases in style with unique cannons to enhance aim and power!

SERVER IP: play.Zatholla.com
Website: zatholla.com
CreditDysthymic, chitech2, InReality, theosong, deathtrap1515,

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