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guineafish avatar guineafish
Level 45 : Master Fish
Lol I feel so weird just spam posting persona's :^)
Rightrightright so I've wanted to update my persona for a while,
I have a problem with sticking with things because my style likes
change so much xd But I was doing a ton of ideas and finally
just threw it all into this skin. It's definitely a way more out there
skin and different style/theme compared to all my other ones!

I'm ngl I'm really happy with the design, and I did try my best to
incorporate everything into it :') The design may not match my
guineafish theme as much, but the colors are what I'm using to
represent it! I think this is the more widely colored one I feel that
expands more into all my pigs.

Just a little key
Cape - Supposed to be based off of Will's colors
Straps, boot, belt, hair - Is a mix of Chiki and Sonic because they have more similar pelts to each other
Ears - Specifically Chiki's
Hood thing, and skirt, and seaweed in hair - Supposed to flow with the clownfish theme, and there's black all around to balance it out for that part
White under outfit, and grey under outfit with thing on arm, and glove - Supposed to be based off my little Remington
Crown, has no significant part lol I just wanted a crown :^)

No you absolutely do not have to do any persona remakes
to update it if you don't want too! No worries about that
but feel free if you want too.

Enjoy all! And have a good day/night <3

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