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Ansem Seeker of Darkness

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lydario's Avatar lydario
Level 47 : Master Skinner
This one took a long time... 3 house maybe? I honestly lost track and felt like I worked on it all day, but I'm glad I finally have the ability to SUBMIT!!!

I had wanted to do this one right after Xemnas, but got distracted by doing my other Orgy members. This has actually turned into my favorite skin, perhaps. In my eyes it's super accurate, so I hope you enjoy! :D


As usual, I don't mind these being used in videos and machinimas, but please give me credit, and also SEND ME A LINK! I'd love to see how you use them!

Also, as a treat:

Also, Public Service Announcement: Children all over are having their hearts stolen by heartless. It's a little known quirk, but heartless actually prefer diamonds. You can do your part is saving the hearts of the innocent by DONATING DIAMONDS!
CreditKingdom Hearts, Square Enix

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by lydario 10/14/2012 2:59:55 pmOct 14th, 2012

Fixed his hair on the back, and also enlarged his eyes.

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10/04/2012 6:24 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Miner
MrCrafting101's Avatar
Loving it Keep up the good work. It would be awesome if you could check this out and maybe like and comment if your super nice
10/04/2012 6:36 pm
Level 47 : Master Skinner
lydario's Avatar
Thanks, I'll check it out! :)
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