Aphmau in her Maid Outfit (Aphmau) (Phoenix Drop High) (Werewolf) (Minecraft) Minecraft Skin
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Aphmau in her Maid Outfit (Aphmau) (Phoenix Drop High) (Werewolf) (Minecraft)

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Kyara_Rose's Avatar Kyara_Rose
Level 55 : Grandmaster Witch
*smiles* Teeheehee... I had to make this... *o/////o* *casually holds back a nosebleed* I, umm, remember when this happened... Teeheehee~ Kawaii~Chan remembers that spirit week bake sale like it was yesterday! KAWAII~CHAN SWEARS SHE MEANT TO TURN APHMAU~SENPAI INTO A MEIF'WA, NOT A WEREWOLF!!! *o-o* *le smirk* At least you got Aaron the tough guy to blush! HE WHAT?! Heehee~ Aaron~Kun had blushed brightly when he saw Aphmau~Senpai in her maid outfit! *sighs* Kawaii~Chan... Why'd you do that to me... A-APHMAU~SENPAI?! Oh! Hey Aph! *^w^* Anyways, here's Aphmau in her adorable maid outfit from the newest episode of PDH! ouo Enjoi! Credit where credit is due! Free for anyone to use in MC or a RP!
~Kyara, Garroth, Aphmau, & Kawaii~Chan! ^w^
CreditAphmau (Creator/Voice Actress)

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