Ars (Father of Ultraman Leo & Astra) [Ultraman Story 0 manga] Minecraft Skin
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Ars (Father of Ultraman Leo & Astra) [Ultraman Story 0 manga]

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Damn girl, you have one nice "Ars"!

This dude is a pain in the Ars!! i failed to post this like 5 times! you know how hard it is to get the info and stuff?! You live with that name for a reason mah boy! you are an Ars!! and this dude is from a he kinda last shorter then usual

Ars is an Ultra Crusader that is from the L-77 and also only appear in the Ultraman Story 0 manga. Ars is the ruler of L-77 and also the father of Leo & Astra. Ars used a royal stone and bathed in the same light he used to forge the ring he use to access his power. He became the ruler by his alter ego at the time. He got married…(yadyadyadyadyanotimportant)…his wife bore the Twin,Leo & Astra……(yadyadyadyadayadaynotimportant)…He gave them the same ring that he have to access his Power. At some night, a meteorite crashed landed near the castle. Ars went out and transform, didn’t notice that the twin was watching. They both follow Ars to the meteorite. But then it wasn’t a meteorite, it was an Alien Magma scout ship. Ars got stab after he was trying to protect his son and some mens. The Magma did manage to capture Astra though (damn that kid, he had this prob when he was this young? Damn!!). After his wound is attended, he went to the Magmas Fleet in space to rescue Astra. He stopped at the ship that he sigh of his tortured son. Ars then manage to retrieved Astra. Later, Leo arrived in his ultra form to help his Daddy out! Ars shielded Leo from the Magma’s super weapon due to the fact that he was lack of experience. Ars gave Astra to Leo and after a few word….he turn to Light. leaving nothing but his sword

The skin…of course! his damn horn is the prob! People might mistaken him for Leo or Astra in this condition!

(While doing this skin.... maybe... just maybe...) Fan Fic!!

Steve: Hey Alex, check out my sword!!

Alex:.....nice *thumbs up slowly*

Steve: I know right! took me 139 death to get it!

Alex: Wait What?! why is it that hard?! And does that sword even last long?

*:Steve check the sword's and the stat is 5% more to break
Steve: Ahh What?! It took me 231 arrow, 57 potion and 5 other item! i shouldn't had stole Ars's sword

Alex: Why did you want to?!

Steve:.......What i read, when Ars died, he will left his sword

Alex: this is Minecraft!! Every player will drop their item when they died. And also re-spawn....
*Ars appear*

Steve: What up dawg....

Ars (Father of Ultraman Leo & Astra) [Ultraman Story 0 manga] Minecraft Skin
Ars (Father of Ultraman Leo & Astra) [Ultraman Story 0 manga] Minecraft Skin
Ars (Father of Ultraman Leo & Astra) [Ultraman Story 0 manga] Minecraft Skin
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Much Better

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