Ultraman Orb (Transient / Origin) Minecraft Skin
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Ultraman Orb (Transient / Origin)

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Powered-Great's Avatar Powered-Great
Level 52 : Grandmaster Skinner
Dark Orb! Not really, he's always look like that (Till i found out about Orb Saga)

Before you guys gonna start saying "Gunbir, i thought you said you're going to do Evil,Out of Japan & last shortly Ultra Crusader. Why are you doing Orb? even if he does last more shorter then others, he still a main Ultra"......so i'm just gonna say "6 Episode still count as short" *play troll song* and he only appeared like 10 sec each ep! (This text is probably 6 months ago) have you guys watch the series tho? I recommend it!

This skin is the Original Ultraman Orb or known as his Transient mode. Before he fused with other Ultras....Yeah he does look like some Dark Giant or maybe a Naked Ultra. He only appear fighting in the first ep with Mega Zetton. That is also the only past (for now) and that also the part he is showed using the Orb Calibur. He does appear in other ep but that's only when he is fusing.(and that's probably like 10 sec). In The show (Defu, if only it was finish.Its still in ep 6. want more info? maybe if i remember to add it after all the Ep release. Or just go to the Wiki!)

The Skin, There is that circle shape Color Timer that take too many space!! And As Always, The Horn!!

ps. Want to watch Ultraman Orb? go to Kissasian.com!

(Making this skin bored me... so i was Day Dreaming about....) Fan Fic!!

Orb: hey guys

Gaia: Wow wow wow! Orb wear some Pants!

Dyna: Seriously, is it that hot?!

Orb: Ey, what up?

X: Orb, you know that you're not allowed to be naked in public

Orb: Guys, this is my Original body! Tiga & Man is just my Armor! and we all are Naked!

Gaia: Oh my god, summer already past...

Orb: Guys!!

Zoffy: *clear throat* Orb, you're under arrest for public nudity

Orb: this is my True Form!!

Dyna: Wow, buddy

Ultraman Orb (Transient / Origin) Minecraft SkinUltraman Orb (Transient / Origin) Minecraft Skin
Ultraman Orb (Transient / Origin) Minecraft Skin

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Update #1 shade change : by Powered-Great 12/28/2016 6:08:11 amDec 28th, 2016

much better.... i think

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