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RiNOZ's Avatar RiNOZ
Level 21 : Expert Explorer

"Oh my Notch, it's full of cubes!"

The strange object we found floating in space was some kind of portal. Somehow, we are in a different world, a very peculiar one I must say.

Our molecules are no longer the same. While in our original planet the original building block of life is the megahedron, here the cube is the most important element. Fascinating.

I, RiNOZ, captain of this ship (by the way, where are our ship, guys?) and my bold team will start an expedition on this planet. To do so, we are going to split our efforts in five groups: builders, protectors, chemists, biologists and engineers. A pictoric representation of each group will be dispatched in the end of this transmission.

We are in the final phases of getting a complete scan of this world and very soon we will put here, in this same frequency and form, a link in your terminal to you, receiver of this message, see how our instruments are receiving the data from this world.

This process is in constant motion because sometimes we discover new things and behaviours. We are very close to compute our molecular database version 1.9.

My science crew is telling me to call it "texture pack". They know better than me, they are experts in packing things.

Send us a intergalactic hello if you are listening to this message and use your terminal to look for our future messages. Tell us your original planet and the planet or region you are right now. Maybe we have been in your planet before, who knows?

Now, in behalf of my crew I ask for your help if you wish to support our endeavours.

There is a interdimensional communication process called "PAYPAL" you can use to transfer tiny amounts of resources from point A to point B in space.

If you wish to help the exploration of the unknow and become a patron of this daring adventure, send me a direct message and I can give you the PAYPAL address of this expedition.


End of transmission #


We hear a distant signal and after some investigation we found an entire team of "LIGHTS". We call them "LIGHTS" because they develop a new life. Other systems call similar beings by other names like Udumm, Zatz, Female, P15, Idunapratvra, Jod-sla-muh, Girl or Utti-utti.

We will work together and learn about this planet even more. One of the Lights told us she have witness something big wandering in the sky. This confirm the signals we see in our equipments. We will organize a reconnaissance expedition very soon. The protector team is calling this an reconnaissance mission, to everyone else is more like a F2 mission, a mission where we take a lot of pictures for further analysis.


End of transmission #


Our scientists of all disciplines have been working together to create something that will vastly help us in out journey. They manage to use the strange energy in the red stones of this planet to build machines that will improve even more our results. Now, every team can use those multipurpose machines in our missions.

Although the machines are made identical, each one of them have a slightly different behaviour. They like to talk with us and talk to each other. They are very interessed in the mission and even more interessed in us. The machines call us "Source". We call them "Metalogic" due to their Metalogic Processor Unit.

End of transmission #



2 Update Logs

Update #2 : by RiNOZ 12/27/2012 5:14:29 pmDec 27th, 2012

Pictoric representation of each group dispatched

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06/26/2013 8:09 pm
Level 17 : Journeyman Engineer
xTheft's Avatar
Big forehead lmao, nice work.
10/13/2011 9:03 pm
Level 51 : Grandmaster Skinner
Myahster's Avatar
Like a boss.
10/14/2011 2:17 am
Level 21 : Expert Explorer
RiNOZ's Avatar
Hello LOLmasta_d3, thanks for leaving a comment, we like to receive feedback from other adventurers :)
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