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blue blue blue pink pink pink

blue blue blue pink pink pink Minecraft Skin
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avatar antisocial
Level 46 : Master Artist
yikes so i told that boi that likes me that im gay and he kept saying "kms" and stuff so i was like ummm ok and he said he brightens my day like not to be rude but ??? we dont talk ??? it makes mE UNCOMFORTABLE and i have 5 scales memeorized i just need 2 and my chromatic but ugH chromatic is so hard i know the first part and the other scale is complicated kinda it's g i mean i can play it i just cant hit my high g and it makes me really stressed cause thats the note i need to hit for the chromatic too like uJGNFD and i have oNE WEEK TO GET IT DOWN THEN I NEED MY SECOND SONG AND THE ENDING TO MY FIRST SONG IHTJNRa band is so stressful but rgnjfre also in first period (computer applications) i sit next to my friend kara and theres this dude anthony to my left and hes cool i mean we talk ive known him since sixth and i liked him in sixth like hes cute but he plays stupid yknow sO like yeah so him and this guy jonathan were fighting and jonathan fell on my chair so i fell on the floor and kara was holding me up then anthony was like "WAIT WAIT WAIT" and he was like "IM SORRY AURIELLE" i was like "hah um iTS OKAY BOI" so i awkwardly got up and he hugged me but i like tried to dodge it so i fell back on karas legs so he was just hugging me in an uncomfortable position i was like "im bad with interactions from males" thEN HE STARTED MIMICKING MY VOICE I WAS LIEK FIREN FERNJGFRjnmdwefnjfHNFJRN i mean my voice is high and soft and i hate it i wanna die

hope you like the skin ((:
Format1.8+ Only 64x

11/09/2016 9:33 pm
Level 27 : Expert Zombie
Dang that skin's on fleek. Nice story btw XD IMMA SUB!
11/09/2016 9:25 pm
Level 5 : Apprentice Skinner
Nice Skin! Subscribing atm 2 Chu!
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