"grovel before me, human!!" ♡ Minecraft Skin
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"grovel before me, human!!" ♡

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ruietto's Avatar ruietto
Level 52 : Grandmaster Poro
i got my dad to get my family a crunchyroll subscription just so i could watch chainsaw man when the anime comes out
i love her and denji's dynamic so much, it's so refreshing to have an actual sibling-like relationship in media

my ex recommended the manga to our drama/english teacher and even sent a tutorial on how to
read manga, and she said she really liked it

i really wanna make a skin for denji and pochita in both the hybrid and separate forms (pochita as the chainsaw i guess) but i don't know how making a chainsaw in minecraft would go, even with hd skins/textures
same goes for katana man ;-;

but makima, reze, or the angel devil might be next, idrk

"grovel before me, human!!" ♡ Minecraft Skin
Main Reference from Vol 2
Power Chainsaw Man : Everything You Need To Know


꒰ ㅤチェンソーマン (chainsaw man)ㅤ ᵕ̈ ↷ ㅤtatsuki fujimotoㅤ ꒱

if for some reason you've read to the bottom, lil fun fact about me

for some reason in middle school, i decided to obsess over and learn all about
the different types of demons and angels, and the different levels of each
within theology, which became useful in my AP Eng Lit class senior year lol

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