Bruticus (Transformers: Fall of Cybertron) -BOSS BATTLE SKIN CONTEST- Minecraft Skin

This Skin is an entry in the completed Boss Battle Skin Contest.

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Bruticus (Transformers: Fall of Cybertron) -BOSS BATTLE SKIN CONTEST-

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Here for you today is my entry in the Boss Battle skin contest, the (Decepticon) Combaticon combiner, Bruticus!

-Skin selection process-
     I decided to go with this guy for multiple reasons. 1, i wanted a lesser known character (unless you played fall of cybertron, watched the original Transformers cartoon or are a diehard Transformers fan in general, you probably have no idea who this guy is), so Bruticus fit the bill. Ive also always wanted to make a skin for this guy, and the newer ability to make skins assymetrical has enabled me to do so, and im very happy with the end result. As for how it relates to the boss battle theme, Bruticus is one of the more unique bosses in Fall of Cybertron and in general, not only from his unique state as a combined form of 5 other Transformers, but also since you get to play as him twice in the game before fighting him, giving you a little poetic justice for all the destruction you caused earlier in the game.

-Info on Combaticons-
     Bruticus is composed of 5 individual Combaticons, the special forces of the Decepticons.
Onslaught: Team leader. Expert tactician and strategist. Alt. mode: Artillery Truck
Blast Off: Decepticon Air Support. Alt. mode: Cybertronian Rocket/plane
Vortex: Decepticon Interrogation expert. Alt. mode: Helicopter
Swindle: Salesman at spark, not overly concerned about who wins the war so long as he's still in business. Alt. mode: Assault Transport
Brawl: Heavy Weapons. Extremely aggressive. Alt. mode: Cybertronian hover tank.

-info on Bruticus-
The first combiner in the WFC/FOC continuity, Bruticus supplies a heavy amount of firepower to the Decepticon ranks. The only problem is that while the individual Combaticons are actually quite intelligent, Bruticus on the other hand, well. . .
"He's also dumb as a sack of hammers."
Right arm: Flamethrower 
Left Arm: Blade Shield (consisting of Vortex's helicopter blades)
Back: Dual heavy artillery cannons
Bare hands: Bruticus probably dishes out the most damage with his bare hands. Smashing, crashing, and his signature weapon, the Sonic pain wave, in which Bruticus smashes the ground, sending out a large shockwave which decimates any enemies around him.

Sorry for the lengthy description, but i love to write the descriptions for these Transformers skins. Anyways, thanks for viewing, Leave a diamond if you like, wear it if you want, and if you're a judge, thanks for your consideration of this skin!

image of Bruticus
Bruticus (Transformers: Fall of Cybertron) -BOSS BATTLE SKIN CONTEST- Minecraft Skin (for quote)

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06/13/2015 11:30 am
Level 50 : Grandmaster Droid
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Thanks DecepticonMC!
06/12/2015 1:27 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
DecepticonMC's Avatar
Diamonds to you :)
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