Commissar Ciaphus Cain (Warhammer 40k) Minecraft Skin
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Commissar Ciaphus Cain (Warhammer 40k)

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Vikaruss's Avatar Vikaruss
Level 47 : Master Artist
Famous Hero of the Imperium, The Liberator of Perlia, Master of the Blade, and a damn good shot with a laspistol. A legend to those who've heard of him, and honorable to those who know him. Or at least, that's what the propaganda will tell you. The truth is somewhat harder to find, and it helps if you're an inquisitor...
Ciaphus Cain atop the corpse of a recently slain Ork Warboss
CreditOriginal Character by Sandy Mitchel, Ciaphus Cain is the intellectual property of the Black Library, and 40k is the property of Games Workshop.

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