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Crystal Lake Slasher (Request)

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CrypticMorbid avatar CrypticMorbid
Level 46 : Master Skinner
This is an attempted recreation of Jason Voorhees from the 2003 film, Freddy VS. Jason.

Skin was requested by, you already know, "elmstreetslasher1984".

Honestly, my favorite version of Jason in the film series. Despite him being an unstoppable undead murderer, he is portrayed as more human than usual with his fear of water despite being dead, he isn't labeled as strictly the bad guy entirely, more so a chaotic neutral, and since he is partially supernatural by being undead; he possesses inhuman strength and durability that only another supernatural foe (Freddy Krueger) is able to deliver, and receive blows from the towering killer.

In this film, Freddy Krueger is no longer known or feared to the quiet town and thus he has lost his power to invade dreams and submit his killings. He has an idea to bring Jason Voorhees from his undead slumber and have him commit killings in his name in order to trick the town to thinking it was Freddy, and therefore he regains power back.

Of course, people soon learn that Jason is a real existing entity to be feared, instead of Freddy who only can kill in nightmares and realize it wasn't Freddy to begin with. This ticks off Freddy and continues his own spree, the high schoolers that are aware of Jason and known of Freddys plan, use Jason as a weapon by putting them both in a fight to the death.

But, these two have never known to stay dead...
CreditCredit to Victor Miller.

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