D0G (Half-Life 2) Minecraft Skin

This Skin is an entry in the completed Scrapyard Creations Minecraft Skin Contest.

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D0G (Half-Life 2)

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Dog is a robot, built by Eli Vance to protect his daughter Alyx when she was a child. Dog's original model was around one meter in height, but as Alyx grew older, she began adding upgrades and new parts to Dog, and he towers around 2.5 meters tall at the time of Half-Life 2.

Dog, much like a real dog, is very friendly, loyal, and has an intelligent and excitable personality. Similarly to Barney Calhoun, Dog provides comic relief throughout the games with his quirks and many strange and odd decisions, even dancing when he is looked at for a period of time. Dog makes friendly and playful noises such as beeps and whines, emulating the sounds made by a real dog, especially when he is around Alyx. When either he or Alyx is threatened, he can be a dangerous foe, using his immense strength and weight to smash enemies to the ground or tear them apart. This makes him a crucial asset in any battle, as he can destroy Striders with ease and hurl heavy objects at targets.

Dog's body is constructed largely of scavenged scrap metal, hydraulics and wires. He has what appears to be a scrapped Combine City Scanner for a head, though with only three flaps while normally Scanners have four. He is quadrupedal, walking on his knuckles like a gorilla.

Read more about Dog at https://half-life.fandom.com/wiki/Dog

So yeah, another Half-Life skin. The Scrapyard Creations contest was just coming around when I got the idea. It was fairly difficult to replicate Dog into a Minecraft skin, especially the limbs. The arms were a little harder (considering his actual arms are freaking huge) and there were a few holes or openings in the model where I had to improvise using either a nearby color or just a background color.

I highly doubt I'm gonna win the contest. Not that I ever have, nor do I expect to. I mean, the idea was Valve's, not mine. I just thought it would be appropriate for a contest based on scrapyard creations.


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