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Dark Ruler

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ThistlePack avatar ThistlePack
Level 82 : Elite Necromancer
I've been getting a handful of requests to make skins to go with my texture packs, so I finally caved and gave it an attempt. Skins are very difficult for me, as my shading style is not conducive for working with such a tiny canvas size, but until someone absolutely fantastic at pixel art comes along and makes a bunch of themed skins for Wolfhound... this is the best I'll be able to provide.

This skin is for the Wolfhound Dungeon pack, based off the mad queen in one of the paintings. The skin is genderless - I think. It's too stinking tiny for me to be able to tell, honestly.

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Update #1 : by ThistlePack 06/06/2016 12:54:19 pmJun 6th, 2016

Completely re-doing this skin to use a much better base.

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