Dark Zagi [Ultraman Nexus] Minecraft Skin
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Dark Zagi [Ultraman Nexus]

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If he is a clone....Why doesn't he have the Wing Thing?!

Dark Zagi is a dark, evil, twisted, demonic clone of Ultraman Noa. He was created by a race of aliens under the initial name Ultinoid Zagi , who had hopes of creating their own protector after seeing the power Noa possessed. But something went wrong and Zagi turned on his creators, which the Visitors tried to end him by destroying their home planet but failed. Zagi then took an army of creatures known as Space Beasts and began a spree of universal destruction on any planet in his way. He is the main antagonist of the Ultraman Nexus series. Mitsuhiko Ishibori: The analyzer and tactician of the team and an expert in computers. Unknown to everyone, he is Dark Zagi in disguise. He made contact with the Night Watchers by in the form of Unknown Hand (It is described as the unlimited darkness which controlled the Dark Giants and Space Beasts behind the scenes). He has the ability to generate a Dark Field G and it can power up Space Beasts, and is the power identified as Unknown Hand.

The Skin- Well the horn is a prob. and i think i messed up his arm design

(While doing this skin...i was wandering...) Fan Fic!
*: Steve finish assembling Dark Zagi
Steve: Destroy, beast! Destroy!

Alex: i think it's doing nothing

*: Dark Zagi shot his Lighting Zagi near Steve
Steve: ok that is bad. i think i messed things up during...

Dark Zagi: nah you don't. you did it like how it spouse to

Steve: so whats the problem?

Dark Zagi: i don't like being owned!

Steve: WHAT?!

Dark Zagi: can't you see? you're nothing but a puppet that is controlled by a being known as a 'Player'. They Control you like a puppet on a String

Steve: no don't you dare!

Dark Zagi: But there is no string on me!

Steve: God!!!

Dark Zagi [Ultraman Nexus] Minecraft Skin
Dark Zagi [Ultraman Nexus] Minecraft Skin
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11/21/2016 4:23 pm
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