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habearry avatar habearry
Level 32 : Artisan Bear

Don't steal/repost/edit/filter/recolor/use my skin in any way without 1) getting my written permission, and 2) crediting me.

Skindex description for this skin: Hi! So, yesterday, EleanorRose and I

a motivation meet(ing). Info here (Skindex link. The information skin has now been deleted, though.)

Eleanor inspired me to skin (and suggested adding bows, making the skin SUPER pastel, etc.) and I inspired her to write! ^^

This is a very pastel and sort of experimental skin. I made it relatively fast. I did a lot last night, and finished the rest today.

Okay, so, the description is kind of missing some information (where it says "@EleanorRose and I" and then just goes to "a motivation meet(ing)".

I think what I meant was that EleanorRose hosted a motivation meeting on Hypixel, if I recall correctly, and gave me some motivation to create this skin. :)

Credit@EleanorRose for motivation. Skindex link to Hypixel motivation meet (info skin now deleted, though):

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02/28/2021 6:00 pm
Level 25 : Expert Procrastinator
EleanorRose avatar
This looks gorgeous c:

We really need to have another motivation meet, it did help c:
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