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Archival Mind's Avatar Archival Mind
Level 65 : High Grandmaster Terraformer
IT IS TIME!! ALL OF THEM!! ALL OF THE VEX!! Above is the Minotaur

Minotaur (elite, major, major alt, generic)Destiny 2 Vex Minecraft SkinDestiny 2 Vex Minecraft SkinDestiny 2 Vex Minecraft Skin
Goblin (minor, elite, major, major alt, generic)
Hobgoblin (minor, elite, major, major alt, generic)

Inquisitor Mind
Minotaur Supernumeros

UPDATE 7/13/2020 - Added Hasapiko from the Menagerie week 1 boss round.

UPDATE 8/29/2020 - Recolored all Vex on this page. Darkened the Quantum frames to make a deeper grey. Removed unnecessary Minotaur padded boots. Changed light/medium/dark patterns on armor to reflect their in-game counterparts.

UPDATE 1/20/2020 - Retextured the Major variants and made an alternate major version for each variant with more bronze-ish appeal. Hasapiko takes after the alternate version and has also been update.

UPDATE 5/13/2021 - Changed Minotaur forearm armor to better match their in-game counterparts. Change goes to Hasapiko as well.

UPDATE 5/25/2021 - Added Khartion, Archival Mind to the list. If you don't remember, Khartion was the Mind that Valus Thuun killed in the Tree of Probabilities strike.

UPDATE 6/15/2021 - Changed knee pads of all Minotaur variants except Khartion to better represent their in-game counterparts.

UPDATE 2/10/2022 - Adjusted Goblin head fans, fixed minor error in normal and quantum variants.

UPDATE 6/19/22 - Fixed "ear pieces" on the Minotaur variants.

UPDATE 7/12/22 - Fixed inner ear pieces on Goblin and Hobgoblin variants

UPDATE 8/3/22 - Fixed eye colors for all variants.

UPDATE 3/5/23 - Added unique Minotaur bosses from Lightfall

UPDATE 3/9/23 - Fixed Ioneion's colors

UPDATE 3/16/23 - Added Haliekron from Partition: Ordnance

UPDATE 3/28/23 - Added Supernumeros from Supernumerary Blitz

UPDATE 1/3/24 - Fixed Haliekron and Ioneion's colors

5 Update Logs

Update #5 - Pyramidion : by Archival Mind 06/17/2022 11:44:44 pmJun 17th, 2022

- Fixed back armor plating for all Minotaur variants
- Added silver accents and arm knobs for all variants where applicable
- Brightened frame coloration from black to a dark grey to match in-game shading

These changes are visible across every Vex skin I've ever made as of late. This includes all Taken (though you'll only see differences in Minotaur variants), Nightmares (RIP as Zydron's the only one), D1 Vex skins (normal, Precursors, Descendants), other D2 Vex Skins (Precursors, Champions, etc), and individual posts on Vex units (Protheon, Atheon, etc.)

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08/02/2017 2:37 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Mage
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Oh... you play destiny in what console
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