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Egyptian Kitty :D

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rawrizamonster's Avatar rawrizamonster
Level 43 : Master Bunny
Our Next project has to do with sand/pyramids, etc etc. :)
And, not posting a mole skin because.. since Captain America comes out tomorrow (and my bf is an uber nerd..) Heos using Halucidos Captain America Skin. :)

Hello!!!!! Apparently something was wrong with this skins hair, and it does appear that way in the 3d image. But the file is correct, and it is displayed correctly in my editor. I will re-upload the file to the site just in case.

If you see something wrong with my skins, please tell me. I will fix it, instead of having other people "fix it" and repost my work.

Thank you!

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06/11/2012 2:12 am
Level 26 : Expert Toast
leopard_paw's Avatar
05/22/2012 4:15 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Explorer
Leechwolf's Avatar
So. Epic. :o
08/26/2011 3:06 pm
Level 27 : Expert Unicorn
bcrollerblader's Avatar
Thats really amazing :D I love it!! Wish I was as talented as you!!
08/26/2011 3:44 pm
Level 43 : Master Bunny
rawrizamonster's Avatar
dawe ;-;!!!! You're totally awesome!!!!!! I like you skins. <3
08/11/2011 6:43 am
Level 1 : New Miner
megan64's Avatar
at school i learnt about egypt and egyptians used to buy them and paint them for more money its pretty wierd how they spend money to get money
07/21/2011 1:13 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Ladybug
ishtara's Avatar
Well, you don't always have to texture or shade the skin. I don't want my RL skin to have marks all over it, like with the noise tool or have uneven brown/dark areas on my face to make it look rounder. I want nice clean, as perfect as I can skin. :) I do shading and/or noise tool on certain areas and only shade on certain skin areas, i.e. to make definition of muscles or cleavage, or make the fabric look like... well fabric. Some people make the face look rounder using shading, that is cool sometimes and sometimes just looks messy, in my opinion. To me, we don't have enough room on these small pallets to really do a lot of shading. Sometimes simple is not as harsh on the eyes, or doesn't make you have to look close to see what the heck it really is because of all the dots everywhere. Its supposed to be a 16 bit character anyway, not a real life photo. I wouldn't feel bad, or think you suck because you don't shade the skin. Besides, develop your own style...if that includes skin shading when you learn, cool...if it doesn't that is cool too. :) You do have a nice thing going there, Egyptian princess and a kitty, both cool/cute things.
07/21/2011 2:05 pm
Level 80 : Elite Grump
Cipher_Punk's Avatar
@Ishtara - The balance is between how much hue/sat/lightness is appropriate to jump between pixels. As long as you stay within a range of >5 'jump' total (that is, the cumulative difference between hue, saturation, and lightness) then the game's rendering will smooth it out very nicely.

Issues turn up when you "jump" too much between immediately bordering pixels.
07/21/2011 1:49 pm
Level 43 : Master Bunny
rawrizamonster's Avatar
It was really sweet of you to encourage creating your own style! Thank you for taking the time to comment. :))
I don't really like skins that shade the face unless you're trying to make it look dirty, but as i said to Studnicky i think i should maybe start shading the leg area and between the arms and body so you can tell that they're separate limbs.. We'll see what happens! Thank you for both of your input! ^-^
07/21/2011 12:48 pm
Level 80 : Elite Grump
Cipher_Punk's Avatar
You've got a nice thing going on here, but I think it would look a bit better of you spent some time adding some texture and shading to it, especially on the fleshy-areas. They're kinda flat.

Ifn you use photoshop, GIMP, or Fireworks, make a brush that is about 2px nwide, set it to transparency 25%, and pick black. Then gently brush then shadows in, and it'll take you about 30 seconds to completely shade an nentire skin nicely.

If you just use SkinEdit, use the color selector, and pick nyour skin tone off the skin, then lower the brightness a few bits so nthat you have the darkest color you need for shading (typically, about nbrightness -20 from the main color). Try adding JUST the darkest parts nof the contour shadows. Then, go raise the lightness from your current ncolor about 3-5 points, and outline the shadows you just made. Do this nover and over, expanding outwards and raising the darkness back up to nyour normal level as you go, and you'll have nice shadows in no time.
07/21/2011 12:50 pm
Level 43 : Master Bunny
rawrizamonster's Avatar
I would love to, but i'm extremely bad at shading >.<
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