Elysia (Honkai Impact) Minecraft Skin
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Elysia (Honkai Impact)

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USS-studio's Avatar USS-studio
Level 63 : High Grandmaster Skinner
Elysia has light pink hair that is tied into a low ponytail. Her hair curls at the tips and extends far past her shoulders. On the right side of her head, she has a large hair clip with a light blue gem on it: the same color as her eyes. Her pupils are pink like her hair. She also has small elf ears as a side effect of the procedure used to turn her into a MANTIS.

Elysia wears a white top and black shorts with long black stockings, along with a little black shawl with an off-the-shoulder style. The sleeve she uses has purple layered frills and a shoulder plate, while her other arm has a black glove instead. She wears a white, black, and lilac cape at her waist, which has a fur trimming at the end
Created by USS-Kevin, chief of USS studio

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07/17/2022 12:23 am
Level 38 : Artisan uwu
MrBlackio's Avatar
Can you make seele stygian next!
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