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Enderlord VI Fear Frozen King of the Far North

Enderlord VI Fear Frozen King of the Far North Minecraft Skin

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avatar nicknackqw
Level 18 : Journeyman Spelunker
Fear is the 6th Enderlord, his powers are vast and undisputed among the nothern clans. His Armor is carved of Ice, frozen from the waters of the lake of Eli, nearly indestructible. He was born when the great Dragon cryed out for help as it fell from the sky, and his purpose, is to hunt down the men and women, who had slain the Dragon of his home world, and to seek vengence for Wrath, his brother, Champion of the southern lands of Azura who was defeated when he went after the Dragon Slayers alone. With the Help of Greed, his female counterpart and Deception, Wrath's female counterpart, they set out to slay the slayers. As the King of the North he was gifted the fabled Staff, StormFlash, a legendary Weapon said to have the ability to turn everything (exept the wielder) its tip touches into a solid block of ice, and conjure great storms of Water and ice summoned from the barren arctic, by the Northern tribes in return for protection from the ice golems that roam the land.
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