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Erek - Random Guy

Erek - Random Guy Minecraft Skin
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avatar CreeperSoul23
Level 37 : Artisan Creeper
Well, oh my glob, thanks for being SO INACTIVE CREEPERSOUL23.

Wow, emotional breakdown.


But seriously, here's a skin. SHADED. OMG. :O
I just had this idea for coming back for the...millionth time. ._. Hope it's good, because I spent 1 hour and a few mins on this. This is custom-shaded, no template. And uh, yeah. Please diamond, letting me know that I should make more shaded ugly skins ;-;.

Still on the emotional breakdown xDD
Well, I did have a reference for the jacket, but I lost it. Every other clothing was in my head. Favorite to let me know if this isn't actually ugly.

Comments would be amazing.
Also, I have a server now...
Not done with the server spawn, which my friends and I are making.

(Why is the description in this skin just about me talking about my life and what's going on? Whatever, play along.)

Please do whatever you want to support this shaded skin.

P.S. Story coming up soon. :o
Yes, I know many mistakes in the shading, comment below what I need to do to fix it in the future, arigato. :) (I'ma go play Osu! and The Sims 4 nowz. Peace.)
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