Evangelion Unit-01 Minecraft Skin
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Evangelion Unit-01

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FreezerBurntIceCubes's Avatar FreezerBurntIceCubes
Level 48 : Master Procrastinator
Test Type Eva Unit 01, an artificial human weapon created by NERV.
Wiki page (beware of major spoilers)

The hardest part of making this was trying to fit all the details on the arms, because if you look at the references, those are some massively long arms, jeez.

Also I kindof blended the design of one version with another version, the main difference being that the middle waist segment is green, so it might look a bit wonk.

I really want to make a berserk version, as well as a skin without the restraints.
Oh yes also perhaps a regular resolution skin.

Vibe to this rad Hatsy Skin
I don't want to mention them because they're level 60 and that's kinda intimidating

Evangelion Unit-01 Minecraft Skin

Evangelion Unit-01 Minecraft Skin
This other version has a green waist, little bits of green on the helm, and a different shoulder pattern
Evangelion Unit-01 Minecraft Skin
CreditHideaki Anno

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10/13/2020 12:18 pm
Level 55 : Grandmaster Kitten
N0thing_but_s1lence's Avatar
Shinji, get in the mech!
10/13/2020 12:41 pm
Level 48 : Master Procrastinator
FreezerBurntIceCubes's Avatar
Shinji you better pilot it or else everyone will hate you