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yeah :D
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  • Bio! Profile! About me! I dunno!

    Hey Nerds!
    It's me, FreezerBurntIceCubes (Or FBIC, FreezerBurnt, or "that one guy" for short)
    he/they pronouns are aight

    I mostly do player skins on here but I've done some mob skins.
    Erm. I'm prone to just being inactive on this site for literal ages.
    Sorry about that. Just don't expect a constant upload schedule.

    I do video gamer'ing, draw stuff, and play the occasional D&D.
    Yeah that's about it

    Skin Requests: Maybe. Hmu in my guest box or something.
    Commissions: Nah. I still gotta set up a paypal or some other way of getting the cash money
    Skin Trades: Yeah. That'd be sick.
    Unabashed Criticism: That's cool. I like seeing where I can improve :)
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    My Support Stamp!
    I do not have one atm :(
    People I think are sick!

    Literally anyone I subscribe to! These are just the ones I could find support stamps for :/


    Doodles by me
    Aw :(
    Fanart/Doodles not by me
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    I might put something here. Idk what :/

    For now tho:
    skins i made ->

    look at em
    do it now
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