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    Hello Everyone. This is "N¤thing but Silence"! At first i would like to thank you for checking out my Profile. Thank you. Now, you can call me However you want, i don't care about names. Please mind, that some of my Skins are inspired by all sorts of things, so i'll post random stuff.

    -Her/She. (Sounds like a city actually...

    Also, check out my last contest's winners;



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    ● REQUESTS KINDA ALWAYS OPEN! Feel free to ask.
    ● A legend among the small & weak.
    ● I'm a Fan of 70's 80's 90's music. Especially David Bowie & Queen.
    ● I love sweets & Cookies. Gimme some sugar! I AM your neighbour! (Got the reference? Hey Ya?)
    ● I believe in Speedwagon, and Speedwagon believes in me.🌟
    ● I am a cat person.
    ● I like Touhou. You too? Gureito!πŸ’›
    ● Weird girl with too many hobbies, participate in a race on horses from San Diego to New York. ●
    ● This is the Home of Cherries.
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