Fake Gaia Meemos [Ultraman Gaia] Minecraft Skin
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Fake Gaia Meemos [Ultraman Gaia]

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Fake Gaia! With more Meemos! Order now and you'll get a free Fork!

Fake Gaia Meemos is an Imitation of Ultraman Gaia but with some Meemos parts.They didn't used this mode much on the series but they did on some Live Action....so yeah,nothing is going on.............In the show,the group can tell that the Fake Gaia is "Fake" by the fact the it imit Gaia's V1. They be like "hmm girl,we know Gaia have that new fancy black line! Hmm-hmmm,you ain't fooling no one". Fake Gaia was defeated then change form to Meemos. Fake Gaia and Meemos are different so.....let's just think of it as...Fake Gaia is a person...and Meemos is some slime....i don't know what up...

The Skin - The horn is a prob and some Meemos part is popping out but...doesn't look right

(Wandering what i was doing while making this skin? Well.....) Fan Fic!

*:Fake Gaia is being chase by Steve for stealing his cookie

Steve: Give it back!

*:Fake Gaia is getting further away from Steve
Steve: oh no you don't!

*:Steve stop then take out a bow & arrow. He shoot Fake Gaia in the back.
Steve: Yes!

*:A grey slime appear on Fake Gaia's body

Steve: Ehh...ewwww!

*:The grey slime also hit the cookie that Fake Gaia was holding. A few second later,Fake Gaia had finally turn into Meemos

Steve: Keep it! No one want that! Ehhhhhhhhhhh!
Fake Gaia Meemos [Ultraman Gaia] Minecraft Skin
Fake Gaia Meemos [Ultraman Gaia] Minecraft Skin
Fake Gaia Meemos [Ultraman Gaia] Minecraft Skin
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Update #1 Shade : by Powered-Great 11/15/2016 7:24:08 amNov 15th, 2016

Much Better

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Very nice dude
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