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Hacker Minecraft Skin
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avatar paulyester
Level 47 : Master Creeper
This is just a Hacker skin I made that is based on the Zombe Mod. The green part of the glasses is supposed to be the X-ray and ore seeing thing and the white part is supposed to be the part which lets you see in the dark :3. The red and blue thing on it's head is supposed to be the part which lets you see what other players are looking at. Nad the jet pack obviously is the part which would make you fly :P. The blue stuff on the shoes is the no fall damage thing. And finally the thing on his wrist is the mod activation screen (F7). Now go have fun you crazy hackers with this skin! :D. Although it doesn't really give you any abilities I was just describing what the things on the skin would be if it had Zombe's Mod.

Also, I'm not a hacker or griefer...Ok, I do use mods a lot but I would never grief or Hack a server. I'm very respectful to others and responsible. Lol just have fun with this skin and leave me alone -_-
FormatUniversal 64x32
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