Jomsviking With An Aketon 3/3 Minecraft Skin
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Jomsviking With An Aketon 3/3

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Level 45 : Master Scribe
Medieval| (Set Around The Vendel Era, Viking Age and the first half of the Migration Period)

Info: The Jomsvikings were an order of Viking mercenaries or brigands of the 10th and 11th century. They were staunchly Pagan and dedicated to the worship of such deities as Odin and Thor. They reputedly would fight for any lord able to pay their substantial fees and occasionally fought alongside Christian rulers. Although they were Pagan, the institutions of the Jomsvikings in some ways anticipated those of the Christian Knightly Orders of the later Middle Ages

Garments: A Gold Embroidered Spangenhelm with a Full Mail Aventail Lined With Gold, a Linen Or Leather Aketon with Red Lining worn over a Red Tunic tied by two simple drawstrings, Splint Vambraces wrapped onto the arms, a Leather Belt tied at the waist, Orange Trousers with Splint Greaves also tied by two drawstrings, and anything but a classic style of Turn Shoe.
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