- _ - kiyotaka Ishimaru - danganronpa trigger happy havoc - 2/16 - _ - Minecraft Skin
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- _ - kiyotaka Ishimaru - danganronpa trigger happy havoc - 2/16 - _ -

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bwuhbwuh's Avatar bwuhbwuh
Level 54 : Grandmaster Enderdragon

"No matter how Intensely the stormy seas may batter me, I will not fall as long as my feet are firmly planted! And If you can't do It alone, just find someone to support you, and you can support them back! That's how you overcome any storm!"

here he is! kiyotaka ishimaru!
he's my second favorite, (for now)
I'm going to do all 16 students In my order from favorite, to least favorite.

(although my opinion changes like twice a day and I love them all)

(It looked so much better on the actual skin maker thing . and probably looks better In the game ,,,, you gotta trust me on this one)

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