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Marie Prowell

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Kuukaku's Avatar Kuukaku
Level 18 : Journeyman Archer
Age 124

Height 5’ 4” (162.56 cm)

Hair Color None

Eye Color Purple

Gender Female

Description Marie is a cold-hearted female human/Enderwoman half-breed short-stack that never smiles. She dwells in alchemy and dark magic. Really tries to make usable potions but is actually really bad at it and ends up making useless or ‘strange’ potions. Long ago she and her lover were in an End ship raiding an End city and were both committed of treason by the Elder Endermen council. Her lover was her long time childhood best friend and eventually they fell for each other when they matured in age.

Her lover was killed while she was banished and to never return to The End again. She doesn't want to get too attached to anyone so that's why she doesn't act like the other characters in their silly actions. She's the edgy one in the group. That’s why she doesn’t smile. Why she doesn’t wear clothes? That’s just the creator’s choice being bad at clothing designs.

Mentality Cold-hearted. Never smiles. Sour, then sweet. Always a dull or unenthused facial expression. Toys with her foes. Has an odd obsession with mycelium.

  • - Chorus plants (favorite food)
  • - Mycelium
  • - Bia
  • - Alchemy

  • - Annoying people
  • - Peeping Toms

[[​Disclaimer: This is not my original character, This character was a huge inspiration to me from a creator named SlipperyT. She makes the absolutely best minecraft characters, you should go check it out on her Patreon! Just look up SlipperyT! If someone wants to make this skin look better, at least credit me for making this skin and credit SlipperyT for the character bio and design. That's all! Have fun with this skin! Go forth and make potions!]]

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