Martin Garrix [He's A Pretty Amazing DJ] Minecraft Skin
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Martin Garrix [He's A Pretty Amazing DJ]

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TJsquared's Avatar TJsquared
Level 49 : Master Geek
I was very surprised by the lack of Martin Garrix skins on this server and by lack I mean there are none... Martin Garrix is literally my goal. He's only 18 years old, and dutch (like me) and he's a DJ (and I wanna be a DJ) and im just like bruh, teach me your ways!!! But anyway, there you go, here is the one and only Martin Garrix... skin on PMC lol.
Second, yes I actually made this skin today which means I might be back until school starts up again in September. Cuz when school starts ill have cross country, track homework, more track, and all that good stuff lol. So for now im back and im gonna be posting a lot of skins of DJ's cuz you all need an EDM education...

And as always dont forget to Diamond, Favourite, and Subscribe!!!

Martin Garrix [He's A Pretty Amazing DJ] Minecraft Skin
CreditMartin, Garrix, DJ, Teen, Headphones, Tshirt, Front, Pocket, Khakis, Smile, Awesome,

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