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Mason "Eagle" Black [Emotions Skin Contest]

Mason "Eagle" Black  [Emotions Skin Contest] Minecraft Skin

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avatar Dalek_Cairn
Level 40 : Master Skinner
Name: Mason "Eagle" Black

Age: 24

Big bushy beard
Spiked up hair
Thick brown eyebrows
Brown eyes

Nationality: American

Emotion status:
Fear of survival

Mason Black was just like any other 15 year old boy, but, one day on his 16th birthday he went skydiving. Little did he know that this would create his biggest fear yet, the fear of survival. When Mason jumped out of the plane it was fine, no problems at all. However, when he went to pull his parachute it didn't open. He pulled and pulled but it still didn't open. He screamed and pulled as hard as he could. It finally opened and he drifted down slowly, it was a close call, but he survived. Many years later he joined the airforce and his friends teased him and called him "Eagle" because he always wore a parachute, every second he would wear this parachute and a big heavy suit , even when flying. When there was a malfunction in the jet he paused and his whole life flashed before his eyes. He then remembered the eject button, he pressed it but it didn't work. He opened the escape hatch and jumped out, even the parachute didn't work. He hit the ground, the suit didn't work. He thought he was dead, is this what heaven is like. He opened his eyes and realised he was alive, he truly then knew he could survive anything. He may have been in immense pain and be paralyzed for life but he was still...................... alive..........................

1 Update Logs

Fear of living, not flying ._. : 08/29/2014 8:12:56 pmAug 29th, 2014

Updated emotion to "Fear of living" not "Fear of flying"
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