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A.T.S (Airborne Taxi Service) (F.I.R.S.C Contest)

A.T.S (Airborne Taxi Service) (F.I.R.S.C Contest) Minecraft Skin

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avatar Dalek_Cairn
Level 40 : Master Skinner
 In the year 2059 a mysterious company came out of no where this company was called 'Po' they started the Futuristic Industrial Revolution, they started making rip-offs of other inventions and claiming it was a new and innovative invention.People started calling them out on this but they did not stop making rip-offs, the pressure of the public to make something no one has seen before became more intense, the CEO of Po said that the company was shutting down, everyone was very pleased. Years later in 2062 a company called T.O.R.T.U.R.E (no one knew what this stood for) that was ran by the same CEO of Po, he said that they would only produce one product, the product that they have been working on for 3 years. The A.T.S (Airborne Taxi Service), this would cause riots from taxi drivers as their jobs were being taken away, despite this the production of the A.T.Ss went on and nearly every country in the world was using them, the A.T.Ss had facial recognition so people who had an A.T.S card could ride for free. Before flying to their destination of choice they would hop within the robots and swipe their card or insert money into the slots on the wall in the robot. Reports started to come in that the A.T.S units were screaming like humans and that the facial recognition plate was shaking. People who used A.T.Ss were not discouraged to use it despite all the rumours, but one man under the name of Mason Black who lived in America tried to rip off one of the facial recognition plates, someone reported this to the company and all of the A.T.S units were soon revoked. The manufacturing stopped, all A.T.S units were taken back and it was rumored that they were all burned in acid. The company T.O.R.T.U.R.E  or Po were never seen again and the secret of the A.T.S units was never discovered.

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11/22/2014 4:52 am
Level 31 : Artisan Demolitionist
MochijoS PMC
awesome dalek
11/22/2014 5:32 am
Level 40 : Master Skinner
Thanks :D
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