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Mourna's Avatar Mourna
Level 46 : Master Fish
Gahh, I'm not sure about the hair, I may fix it, idk.
And she's wearing odd socks.... not shoes.

---- PLS READ ---

Okay, before we begin I may as well tell you that I have CFS, which is short for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. That name can be misleading, however, so a better term is ME, which is short for Myalgic Encephamyelitis. The full name is a mouthfull, I know, so that's why I'm calling it ME.

However, before I move on, I am not sorry I can say I have it so please don't say you're sorry. And what I mean by not sorry I can say I have it - I assure you I would like to be able to say I don't have it at all - is that to get a diagnosis and a recognition that there is something wrong with you is an exhausting uphill battle. Which is ironic considering a key word of the more common name.

The reason I'm not going to be calling it Chronic Fatigue, is that the term "fatigue" just implies a constant tiredness. It is that, but also much, much more.

For many, talking from a personal experience, it's like being forcefully and oftentimes unwittingly shoved into a deep dark hole so deep you can't see the light at the top. It can effect anyone, from an athlete at the peak of their career to a somewhat nerdy, already socially challenged schoolkid like me. And meanwhile, on that downward tumble, the walls are talking to you, yelling at you that you're mad - these are the people around you - you're making it up, they say. And would you like them to book you an appointment with "this" psychologist whilst they're at it? And they're pushing you to live a life you just can't live anymore, and thus pushing you deeper into the dark. Depression is a thing which unfortunately tends to go hand in hand with ME.

It is a battle to get recognised. One which can take years. There are so many doctors out there who are so overworked that they may miss things, or they don't know enough about it or feel confident enough to diagnose it. And there are so, so many out there who are still in in denial that ME even exists, let-al-own has a life changing impact on its victim.

ME affects cognitive function - wit, brightness, memory and overall the processing of information and knowledge. (according to google if I search "cognitive function") and I frequently refer to it as my brain fog. ME affects physical energy, and mental energy - one is constantly exhausted. Bright lights, crowds, even multi-tasking can be enough to make one faint, light-headed and exceedingly dizzy. Stress is a biggie and detrimental to your health. It's like your brain is a dodgy battery which won't charge. Different people get it in different degrees, and different symptoms, but however so, it changes one's life. Perhaps not forever, but it is no easy road climbing out of the pit.

And I haven't even mentioned the headaches.

To all those reading this who do not have it, what you can do to help is 1) believe it exists 2) listen to people who have it and 3) just help spread the word and understanding. If you are reading this, and you have ME, I recommend you look after yourself. Listen to your needs. If you can't do something even if you need to do something, such as go to school, it will make it worse, so you really need to listen and teach those around you to listen as well. I don't know all that much of everything there is to know about this illness - which in western medicine, is not much as a lot of it is unknown - as I am only one to experience it, but there are so many out there who understand.

All my information is secondhand (I wasn't the one who did the research, all of it has been told to me by doctors or people who've looked into it. Or experienced it). There is so much more I haven't said, but for further info, this is a good place to look. That one specifically is an Australian organisation, but I've heard of plenty based in the UK, Ireland, the US, Canada or NZ.

Ohh and last week was ME Awareness Week - Thursday being ME Awareness Day. But I'm late like usual.

Thankyou, Moon :)

btw, tomorrow I'll edit this, but I've spent the last hour typing it up and I'm in need of a break from words. I am so sorry if there're typos.

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10/15/2016 10:36 pm
Level 3 : Apprentice Network
MandyMeow's Avatar
awww stay strong honey. Everything happens for a reason.
10/19/2016 9:26 am
Level 46 : Master Fish
Mourna's Avatar
Ah thankyou ;)
05/22/2016 9:22 pm
Level 45 : Master Blob
kouriiko's Avatar
I've had ME / CFS for a year so far and it's been getting worse. i feel your pain dear friend :( recently I haven't been able to stand up without blacking out immediately
05/23/2016 12:04 am
Level 46 : Master Fish
Mourna's Avatar
Yes, I feel your pain as well :) I've been ill 20 months, and to hear you are getting worse is... I know it is the last thing one needs :(
05/21/2016 5:29 pm
Level 42 : Master Fox
-Mage-'s Avatar
Aww, that's so sad. But I learned something :D
05/22/2016 11:15 pm
Level 46 : Master Fish
Mourna's Avatar
yeyy :D
05/21/2016 1:26 am
Level 27 : Expert Network
Pines's Avatar
whats with all this awareness stuff

its like every month its depression shit awareness month
06/05/2016 10:31 am
Level 25 : Expert Toast
Witherwings_'s Avatar
Because there are so many people who are suffering worse than you can imagine, so many people taking their own lives and people don't even realize it. People are trying to make a difference in the world so people can get better and be happy.
06/05/2016 10:37 am
Level 27 : Expert Network
Pines's Avatar
lmao what are they gonna do? pray?
12/02/2016 4:14 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
Allarenne's Avatar
Chill. Being positive and spreading the word are what will help. Sometimes all someone needs to feel even a bit better is the knowledge that there are people out there who cares. She taught people something and we should care about it. She's suffering from this. Yes. It makes you sad, but ignorance won't help you achieve anything.
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