morior Minecraft Skin

This Skin is an entry in the completed Laboratory Experiments Skin Contest.

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morior - to die, wither away, decay
the explanation of the skin will have spoilers up to the hero killer arc
of bnha, if you haven't caught up or have yet to start the series don't
read ''~~''
the nomu of my hero academia are artificial humans that are affiliated with the league of villains.
they were created by unwilling people - minor criminals and civilians alike - having dna experimentation done on them, ultimately turning them into artificial humans with no ability to think for themselves.

the original nomu was first introduced in the usj arc, as an attack on yuuei highschool by the league of villains. the nomu seen there had a shock absorption quirk, as well as a regeneration quirk. this nomu was meant to defeat all might, but ultimately all might managed to defeat it and it was apprehended.

i chose the eyeless nomu for the skin contest as i believe it's interesting, yet has similarities to the more iconic original. eyeless nomu debuted in the hero killer arc and was shown to have a regeneration quirk that looked similar to nomu. it was killed by the - at the time - number two pro hero endeavor.
wouldn't it be terrifying to become a nomu? you'd once been living your life to your perception of normal, and then one day, you're taken, whether by choice or by force. you'd be experimented on, forced to have other people's quirks forced into, and ultimately turned into a.. 'thing'. you can't speak. you can't even think for yourself. all you can do is listen to someone else's orders blindly without knowledge of what you're doing.

the old you had withered away and unfortunately, there'd be no going back.
morior Minecraft Skin

Creditboku no hero academia wikia - nomu image

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