Neon Corruption [Neon Lights Minecraft Contest] Minecraft Skin

This Skin is an entry in the completed Neon Lights Minecraft Skin Contest.

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Neon Corruption [Neon Lights Minecraft Contest]

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Cpt. Corn avatar Cpt. Corn
Level 89 : Elite Birb
One morning in the city streets, a virus was unleashed into the city streets. Scientists around the world identified that this virus known as Neon was coming from outer space. Three days ago a team of astronauts were sent home after a long trip colonizing Mars. Some politicians decided that cutting off trade with other planets was for the best hoping that people would stop the virus from coming to other planets in case it was wide spread enough.

Three days later after Earth was cut off from other planets, the headquarters of where the virus was being spread was found within the planet Mars. The vaccine had already been made to cure the Earth but Earth was not willing to let their efforts of colonizing Mars go to waste. A team of researchers of different fields were deployed to the infection zone within Mars hoping to get rid of the threat. Esperanza was a medical doctor who was a master of the medical field. She was with 4 other people. The mission would be to purge the colony of the infection. Unfortunately, for them it was too late. Base 1 was completely destroyed by what looked like a zombie apocalypse.

The loud cries of the zombies came closer to Esperanza. Would she become another faceless cyber-zombie in space? Well she used her laser gun to fight back. Loud bursts were shot forward but the zombie dodged it. The zombie swooped in and then stabbed her in the chest. It was done. It was over for Esperanza. The Mars Colony was forever lost the Earth and the virus morphed into what become known as Neon Corruption targeting different cities within Mars. The citizens would later try to fight back again only to prove unsuccessful reducing the population of human life within Mars to zero but the virus would have different effects on the survivors. The survivors would later morph into alien life forms hoping to one day reclaim Earth for their own.
Neon Corruption [Neon Lights Minecraft Contest] Minecraft Skin

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05/10/2018 5:35 pm
Level 82 : Elite Jarl
Aspirin60 avatar
A new vicious virus?Lol,i like zombies! XD
05/09/2018 9:22 pm
Level 38 : Artisan Bunny
ywuyu avatar
wow this is really different from the other skins I see
unique :)
05/08/2018 5:07 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
JakeLong22 avatar
Interesting palette choice.
05/08/2018 5:12 pm
Level 89 : Elite Birb
Cpt. Corn
Cpt. Corn avatar
Thank you :D
05/28/2018 5:26 pm
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Gent
ThatGuyJake avatar
Interesting choice.
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