Oberyn Martell - "The Red Viper" (Game Of Thrones) Minecraft Skin
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Oberyn Martell - "The Red Viper" (Game Of Thrones)

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Prince Oberyn is the younger brother of Prince Doran Martell and
Princess Elia Martell; like most members of House Martell, he is styled
"Prince" instead of "Lord".  He is nicknamed "the Red Viper" for his
knowledge of poisons and for his unusual, deadly style of combat. Oberyn
is known for being an accomplished warrior, but Tyrion implies that he
is just as infamous for his sexual appetite. Oberyn's official paramour is Ellaria Sand. He has eight bastard daughters, the last four born to Ellaria Sand. He named the fifth one, Elia Sand, after his late sister.

When he was a teenager, Oberyn was accompianed by his little sister Elia on a visit to Casterly Rock. While there, Oberyn and Elia were eager to see the monster that had just been born. Cersei
finally showed them the baby, but the Martell siblings were somewhat
disappointed to see that Tyrion was just a baby, and somewhat disturbed
by Cersei's already strong hatred of him.

Prince Oberyn trained at the Citadel in his youth, in order to become a Maester. Although he ultimately abandoned his studies, he became well versed in the use of poisons in the process.

Oberyn also travelled to Essos
in his youth and saw the Unsulied in Astapor, who he states are
impressive on the battlefield, but less in the bedroom. He lived there
for a total of five years.

CreditGame of Thrones, G.R.R. Martin , Pedro Pascal

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Update #1 : by naghzul 06/07/2014 10:30:48 amJun 7th, 2014

on the lower side of the head there was a mistake where the beard wasn't supposed to be, I fixed that , now it's like the thin lined beard like he has.

I also made the color of the his trousers lighter so there's more of a contrast and less boring all brown

you're welcome
*flies away*

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04/01/2015 11:07 am
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07/01/2014 3:50 pm
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Update to the new skin format 64x64 is on it's way
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