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ziggy like stardust's Avatar ziggy like stardust
Level 72 : Legendary Vampire

Name: Rinn Redmond

Age: 16

Nationality: Irish

Orientation: Bisexual

Occupation: Time Traveler, Inventor, Mechanic

Personality: Rinn went slightly nuts right before his 15th birthday. By nuts, I mean he needed to be in a holding cell for three weeks. Before this mad phase, Rinn was always shy and always hid behind his adoptive family. Other than that, he pretty much has no personality.

Backstory: He never knew his birth parents, as his mother had been a victim of an unsolved murder and his father had disappeared. He was adopted by the Redmond family, who kept him bundled up and in the small countryside house, due to his hemophilia. When he was 14, he ran away, after all, he was tired of being helicoptered. Upon running away, he stumbled onto a broken time ship. Within the time ship he found a severely malnourished team of time travelers. As he was rather intelligent in the field of mechanics, he began to fix the ship. The malnourished team began to grow stronger, and they took Rinn in as one of their own. This team was from 3 different time periods: 18th century Canada, 28th century United States, and 4th century France. Rinn was from 19th century Ireland. The American team leader, Lance Dowey, recognized Rinn... from a past life. oooo spooky! It turns out that Rinn's first life was a medieval knight, and Lance was another one of the knights. They were both killed in the same battle, but re-born in two different eras. they were also secret lovers so there's that. lance is low-key trying to get rinn back tbh. anyway, the team traveled to 35th century United States, where Rinn was kidnapped and some sort of chemical was injected into him, which was supposed to kill him but it did literally nothing. The team didn't get Rinn back until a year later, when Rinn had finally remembered his past life. It went like this: Rinn was set up for execution(the whole chemical thing) by being shot and then the team came and then lance jumped in front of the shot so now he was dead and he died in rinn's arms anD thIS iS reAllY drAmaTic and then rinn went nuts because the team did literally nothing to help lance but then the kidnappers kidnapped rinn again and forced him to be an assassin so he was going to go assassinate the time traveling team but woOOOAHHH LANCE IS ALIVE but rinn is still a bit off in the head so the team placed him in a holding cell until he calmed down but now there's another assassin later coming for the team AND rinn so there's that. woo run-on sentences! so yeah rinn was stabbed so because he had hemophilia he lay there dying from blood loss. The end, Rinn died after he turned 16.

Appearance: 5'5, Brown skin, Dark brown hair, One light blue eye and one blind eye(born with it), scrawny build, birthmark over heart(where he was stabbed in past life n stuff)


OC - Sarcasm Minecraft Skin

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03/22/2018 9:15 pm
Level 21 : Expert Unicorn
KatieDoo522's Avatar
I really like the design of this skin! The colors and shading are well-done, and, like FireBellFairy said, the backstory was amazing. :)
i also love the "sarcasm" song
03/22/2018 6:56 pm
Level 49 : Master Nerd
FireBellFairy's Avatar
Oh dang that was awesome owo
I read the backstory and it was like reading this amazing, but short book.
Keep up the great skins.
Maybe u should write a book. idk if u have and i just dont know =P
ziggy like stardust
03/22/2018 7:01 pm
Level 72 : Legendary Vampire
ziggy like stardust's Avatar
I've tried writing a book before, but I need people to help me on it, I'm so lazy
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