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Orion: Hunter of Aether (Five Elements Contest)

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"Eventually we all must return home, Praetor. We must embrace our past, no matter how bitter and dark."
― Rick Riordan, The Blood of Olympus

The Orion Constellation
(Source: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Orion_Head_to_Toe.jpg)

Orion, the heroic yet tragic huntsman seen through out many stories related to his myth. Each notable trait represents a star of Orion and what that star stands for. Though; before I say anymore; I did make last minute edits adding in the plethora of additional detail (Sorry for those who downloaded it earlier), because these details add reason and real mythology to the skin's design. While this was originally to be something called "Aether Guardian" without much context or detail, I stuck to the name Orion, and everything fell into place from there. I'll make a list describing the notable parts of the skin, but if you want to learn more in detail, I will post the link to my reference of information just beyond this list!


-The Stars of Orion-

Betelgeuze (The Right Shoulder)
The brightest of the stars in Orion. It is a red star which represents honor and fortune. Its name is derived from the Arabic title "Ibt al Jauzah", which translates to "The Armpit of the Central One". This is the large amber crystal as Orion's right pauldron.

Rigel (The Left Knee)
Likely being the second brightest star, Rigel is a blue star which represents '"honor accompanied by responsibility". A good example of this is a military general or secretary position; the role is the source of honor. Its name is derived from "Rijl", which is Arablic for "The foot". The left leg has been broken and withered from the weight of responsibility, though the star in his knee keeps him afoot, using his honor to form an ethereal leg.

Bellatrix (The Right Shoulder)
Bellaxtrix is Latin for "Female Warrior", or in this case, "The Female Warrior". The pale yellow star represents civil and military honor, to what I assume is in reference to the honors of women. Because the star is less bright, and thus less notable than Betelgueze, it is seen as a smaller crystal on Orion's right pauldron.

Saiph (The Right Knee)
Derived from "Saif al Jabbar", this is Arablic for "The Sword of the Giant". This is due to the star's proximity to the sword that hangs from Orion's waste. This can be seen on the side of the right leg, a blade with a bright blue embedded crystal. More of this blade is skinned beneath the arm, against the body.

Hatsya (The Tip of the Sword)
Its name comes from the Arabic phrase "Na'ir al Saif", which means "The Bright One in the Sword". Both Hatsya and Saiph represent fearlessness and intemperance, which is fitting for Orion. This is seen as the glow across the blade of the sword.

Mintaka and Alnitak (The Belt)
As usual, the name originates from Arabic: "Al Mintakah", meaning "The Belt". Both Minataka and the star Alnitak are two of the three stars on Orion's belt. They are both represented as the small, violet gems seen on his belt. Mintaka; a pale violet star and the west most star in Orion; is associated with fortune and intellect. I will mention that as Mintaka is violet, I could not find much information on Alnitak apart that it is of the three stars on Orion's belt, so I just made it violet and small for the sake of symmetry.

Alnilam (The Bullions)
Alnilam, derived from the phrase "Al Nathan" means "The String of Pearls". The bright white star is the middle of the three on the belt, as it represents "gluttony, gains from inheritance, and fleeting public honors". This is seen as the white glowing piece on the center of the belt, as it helps emit gilded star light to cover Orion as a lion cloth, and provide him some modesty.

Tabit (The Shield)
Last but not least, we come to Tabit, the pale blue star possibly representing endurance as a whole, alluding the the shield he bares on his right arm. Its name comes from "Al Thabit" (Arabic, obviously), simply meaning "Endurer". The buckler shield attached to Orion's left arm holds a glowing blue crystal at its center to represent this.

Ω The Aether Mask Ω

The mask upon Orion's face represents not only his hunting prowess in the bovine horns, but the enhanced vision he had gained after being blinded during his drunk stupor. His vision was regained after travelling to the farthest east one could go, and exposing his eyes to the rising sun. Hence, the glow from his mask represents the warm colors of a sunrise.

(Further info and reference for said information: www.skyscript.co.uk/orion.html#5)


If you've read up to here, or just skimmed through the bulk of it all, you can see that I clearly have no life. There was meant to be one last star the represented his sheath, but that would have been a weird detail to put in. This is of course talked about in the site I used for reference. Aside from that, I hope you had as much fun learning about this constellation as I did! I'll probably make more skins whenever I can find time to do it.

Note: I've just got back to PMC after who knows how many years and now I'm kicking off my return

with a skin entry for this contest. Yes I know the rest of my skins are lack luster at best, but I've just been practicing over the years without posting much. If anyone wants, I will be happy to post skins I've already made. I look forward to the comments and all that jazz! I will post the prototype of this skin for a different feel of theme.


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