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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

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This skin is of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, the Mickey before Mickey. I'm fairly passionate about Oswald and really want to spread the word about him so he can one day be just as famous as Mickey Mouse.

A little history about Oswald:

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit was made before Mickey Mouse, and the only reason Mickey exists is because Disney lost the rights to Oswald. Oswald was in several cartoons that were extremely popular to the point where Disney and it's partner started arguing over who actually owned him. Disney ended up losing the rights to their partner Charles Mintz. Because of this, Disney made a new character to combat with Oswald, and so in November of 1928, Disney made Mickey Mouse, making him their mascot instead. Years later, when Disney got the rights back to Oswald, they decided to make a game where Mickey would be made and tailored for the adult and teenage crowd and Oswald would be a psuedo-villain, then turned friend and finally brother. This game was called Epic Mickey, released in 2010, and that's where I learned about Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and first met him. Yes I'm saying met because I was a child at the time and when you see someone in a video game you feel like you've met them in real life. I guess that's why he's so close to me. The game Epic Mickey, released first on Wii and then later again on the WiiU, was about Mickey's darker, more adult side, and how he has a tendency to ruin people's lives with his mischievous nature. Mickey goes through a mirror and ends up ruining this wonderful world a wizard, Yen Sid, had created for forgotten characters, called Cartoon Wasteland, or just Wasteland for short. Oswald, being one of the first forgotten characters, became essentially the ruler or king of the Wasteland, and witnessed firsthand the destruction Mickey caused (though he did not know Mickey had caused it at the time). In the game, characters who are remembered have hearts, and forgotten characters like Oswald and Clarabell Cow lose their heart, and therefore their ability, to leave the wasteland when they are forgotten, making it impossible to be remembered until someone from the outside world remembers them.

That's a lot to read I know, but it's important to me that Oswald be 'remembered'. Guess you could say that game really had a lasting effect on me growing up ^v^"

Go ahead and read up on Oswald's history on this wiki page! Click the link here for the wikipedia page!
Also check out this video talking about the evolution of Oswald by Dave Lee Down Under! Click the link here for the video!
CreditOswald was made by Disney, the skin was made by Budsie's Art Bakery/Me

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