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Pharaoh of the Sea

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I have never spent so much time on a skin before, but I think it's worth it?

Right! Hey again guys. PBL is now an official contest, whoo!

After approximately ten days of excruciating pain, lack of creativity, blood, sweat, and tears, I finally made something I like. So this is what I call the Pharaoh of the Sea. (Wait, is it even appropriate to call it a Pharaoh as it's not the ruler of Egypt? Eh, whatever.)

TLDR if you're lazy
This is the main character of an upcoming installment to an Odyssey-like "epic hero" story that I first created in a Creative writing class at school. He is an obstacle that the protagonist/epic hero, Astra, has to face.

A few months ago, I was in a Creative Writing class in school, and we spent the last several weeks of the class reading different chapters from the Odyssey and discussing it. (The Odyssey is originally an ancient Greek, ridiculously long oral poem/"epic" following the adventures of Odysseus as he tries to make it home from the Trojan War. It took the bumbling idiot about 30 years to do so.) Our final assignment for the class was to take what we learned from the Odyssey and make our own "epic hero" like Odysseus was, create a backstory for that character's adventure, and write a short story based around one of the obstacles they would face.

For my idea, I decided to answer a rather horrifying question: What would it be like if the SJWs/neo-feminists ruled the world? The answer is...well, I'll just share you what I wrote for my backstory in full.


In the kingdom of Alderia (where am I getting these names from?), Astra is the kingdom’s greatest warrior - skilled, cunning, and shrewd. But she is also arrogant, cruel, and unforgiving. This is because the kingdom of Alderia does not value kindness and compassion, but talent and power. Children are taught to see each other as competition, not as allies. They are told not to forge bonds with one another, and suppress feelings they have towards other people. The society also despises and distrusts men, save for the Council of Twelve Men, the Queen’s trusted advisors. The Council of Twelve Men is a huge honor for men, and is practically the only sought-after job by them. To even be considered to become a member, a man has to have high scores in The Correction Facility, a required course for all men that is meant to remove their evil characteristics. Astra, along with Queen Vivian, have influenced this horrific outcome to occur. Astra, insanely disgusted of the Council, despite them being known for being “pure” men, assassinates the head member. The rest of the Council discovers her horrible deed, and imprisons her far away from the kingdom. While Astra is away, the Alderia is overtaken by the neighboring kingdom, Boranca, Queen Vivian is executed, and the remaining members of the Council are unable to win the war. Now Astra is forced to escape her imprisonment and make her journey home to save Alderia, while discovering what it truly means to be a hero.

Currently, Astra is mid-way through her journey. She has escaped imprisonment, and has made it to the kingdom of Ceciden, which is a fair distance away from both Boranca and Alderia. The kingdom is not nearly as well-known in Alderia; in fact, Alderia’s citizens (including Astra) are forbidden from discussing or learning about it. This will be Astra’s first time coming into contact with any of Ceciden’s people or culture. She has been…”guided” by the spirit of the Council member she killed, who taunts her for her and her kingdom’s misfortune. Astra’s current goal is to speak to the Queen (not the King, for obvious reasons) and ask for her help on how to get home.

Also, yes, obviously I do not condone the actions of either Alderia or Boranca. Astra is supposed to learn how horrific her society is by the end of the story. But since I’m not writing the end of the story and she’s awful human being, she’s going to take some rather drastic measures to get what she wants. And you’ll be able to see her terrible views.

I would have much rather have written about that than the obstacle I settled on, but unfortunately I didn't really have a choice in the matter.

In case anyone is curious about the actual obstacle I wrote about (spoiler - it's not relating to this skin, and it freaking sucks), then you can read a summary below:

So basically Astra is in the kingdom of Ceciden, and she is like "wait, why are MEN roaming around on the streets like WOMEN are?" and she gets enraged. The council member ghost shows up and taunts her for a bit for being sexist. Astra gets on her merry way and tries to just waltz into the castle like nobody's business, but there is a guard in the way (security is important if you are royalty). Astra refuses to tell him why she's there and tries to force her way in because she is a moron. As it turns out, the guard has magical powers and multiplies until he is surrounding Astra. Then he forces Astra into figuring out who is the original guard in order to let her pass, while giving her really stupid clues because I am not creative and I kind of dug myself into a hole from here on out. After Astra learns to use her head and not her sword to solve problems (WOW!) she eventually figures out the guard was not real the whole time, but was a projection created by the dead council member because he likes to screw with her or something like that.

It was probably one of the worst things I had ever written in my entire life.

No seriously. Not only did it not have any consistent foot and meter thing going on (we had to write Odyssey-style), but I kind of ran out of ideas halfway through and basically just rushed to come up with a conclusion so I wouldn't be handing it in late. To this day I still have no idea what grade I got on the project.

Anyways, onto the main point I was trying to get at...I've been wanting to make up for that "epic" failure (haha lolz) ever since then by writing some better stories about Astra's adventures. Recently I heard that the next PMC blog contest may be about Minecraft's oceans, and that got me inspired into thinking - what if, like Odysseus, Astra also had to battle a ruler of the sea? If the PMC blog contest is indeed about the ocean, then this will be what I'm writing about. My skin is of the Pharaoh/ruler of the Sea in Astra's universe, and he will be the antagonist of the story and serve as an obstacle for Astra's journey. That's all I'm going to tell you about since I don't want to give away any spoilers. (PMC do not disappoint me now).

Aaaaaaaand that was a lot of explaining for what my skin is of. I'll leave a TLDR in case you do not actually care to read all of this elaborate backstory. Although you totally should.

Fun fact about the Council of Twelve's members' names
I did actually come up with names for quite a few of them, but the source of inspiration for the names is rather...pathetic. (Not surprising for me.) Since I am literally the least creative person on the planet (1. There's a reason I got a 19 for originality in the last skin contest, and 2. I LITERALLY NAMED THE KING AND QUEEN FELIX AND MARZIA!), the first thing I thought of was to basically take the IRL/assumed IRL names from some of the male moderators on this site and call it a day. Which means we basically have this list...


No, I'm not going to connect the IRL names to the moderators, just in case some are uncomfortable with that information being shared. I will say this though...

I never actually connected the names to any of the Council members, partially because only one of them was ever shown in the story I made and partially because I kind of didn't want to make the names canon. However...there is one name on this list I did imagine to be the head Council member's - and if you know anything about me and a certain PMC moderator, you should instantly know which name it is.

And no, I did not do that as an excuse to fantasize about my Senpai. I do that anyways.
CreditMy creative writing teacher, PMC mods, Zitz lmao

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03/27/2018 9:49 am
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The creativity and time spent looking at allergies skin is outsdanding. Both are amazing
03/27/2018 10:36 am
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Princess
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Thanks sweetie
03/27/2018 2:43 am
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ok. i see u. u ain’t playin
03/27/2018 10:36 am
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Nope ;) your skin is good too
03/26/2018 7:17 am
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am ilitrete, but id loocs brty gud imo heh xd skrt skrt
03/26/2018 12:21 pm
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thx bb <3
03/25/2018 10:10 pm
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Amazing ! Good luck :)
03/26/2018 12:21 pm
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Thanks man! :) yours is good too!
03/25/2018 9:04 pm
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The creativity and time spent and used to create this is outstanding. Both are amazing
03/25/2018 9:09 pm
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Princess
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